The Last Bastion

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Follow Hannah and Terrence as they navigate a post apocalyptic wasteland in order to reach salvation in the form of Union City... All is not well in theese lands and the path to salvation is a long and difficult one... Lives will be lost along the way !

Loosely based on Romero lore and my all time favorite zombie games, The Last Bastion is my attempt at a post apocalyptic zombie novel....

Read on and comment if you like.... The novel is scheduled for completion in 2013 ! Share with your friends !

Table of Contents

The Last Bastion

”Toto.... We aint in Kansas no more”. Her companion looked up. ”What do you mean Hannah?” She motioned for him to get off... Read Chapter

Oldham City

Chapter 1 - Oldham City It was around nightfall when they reached the outskirts of the city. There had only been a few farm houses on... Read Chapter

The Library

Chapter 2 - The Library It was much later today than yesterday when she had awoken. Her head was buzzing and hurting. The alcohol had... Read Chapter

At the heart of the city

Chapter 3 - At the heart of a city Hannah ran with no sense of direction, she just had to move fast and that was all that she knew. B... Read Chapter


Chapter 4 - Beginnings It was noon. The sun was beaming in through the windows. Summer had officially begun and here she was. Sat in ... Read Chapter

Beginnings part 2

Chapter 4 Beginnings part 2 - please do read the booksie chapter 4 this is the continuation of that chapter) She closed the door behi... Read Chapter

To old friends......

Chapter 5 - To old friends... ”What the fuck is wrong with you” Terrence pushed the lone survivor they had met. ”Were you b... Read Chapter

To old friends... part 2

Chapter 5 - To old friends... - part 2 (as always please read previous chapter, this is the continuation of that) ”Black celebratio... Read Chapter


Chapter 6 - Revelations It was around 10am when Hannah awoke from her sleep. She rolled around in bed, her head hurting more than usu... Read Chapter


Chapter 7 - Tranquility ”Are you okay” Terrence had his arm placed on Hannahs shoulder as he tried to keep his focus on both her ... Read Chapter

Tranquility pt 2

Chapter 7 - Tranquility - part 2 (continuation of last chapter, please read previous chapter) ”Oh thanks Martin” Hannah lunged fo... Read Chapter


Chapter 8 - Bliss? ”This is really good Terrence” The words came out of Aprils mouth but registered more to the others as a serie... Read Chapter