Village of the Damned

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Written 7/26/99. One of my first attempts at poetry. I had just turned 14.

Submitted: February 27, 2009

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Submitted: February 27, 2009



There is a village in a town called Hate.
A country called Fear,
And a planet named Fate.
Residence there are hungry and poor
And Death is knocking at the door.
Children there are doomed and sick
If only they had got to pick.
They don’t choose to see what they do.
You would drop to your knees if you knew.
Syringes, booze and endless drugs,
The floor is scattered w/ weapons and bugs.
Look out the window and what do they see?
A chick on the corner with a pricy fee
Look a little closer and it’s his mother.
Gunshots in the distance and it’s his brother.
If only they had got to choose,
No drugs to take, no lives to lose.
Yet in a village on the other side,
Live a little girl with honor and pride.
For her it’s a village of love and fun,
Yet SHE’S the one holding the gun.

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