But What now?

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Something i felt like writing. there is no real meaning to why i wrote it. (then again..sometimes a poet's work reflects his/her feelings sometimes ^^; )
(don't freak out now though. Im fine ^_^)

Submitted: November 23, 2007

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Submitted: November 23, 2007



Screaming until my lungs collapse

Cutting deeper into the skin

Letiin' the crimson flow

Tell me when I am going to feel inside

so i will not run and hide.

Waiting for the "someone" to save me


Feeling cold inside

Lying on a floor of knives

Someone please warm me up

and take the pain from my soul.


I am lying in a cacoon of endless lies

no one will save me from me!

Can anyone really save me from dark.

Show me the path i need to walk


Why am I seen as a fuckin angel?

Is there something wrong with the world around me,

or is it just me!


I am not me

how could this be

i though i was right

but what now?

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