It Only Hurts

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I wrote this mainly directed towards my girlfriend. I have not been there alot when she needs me and I am just stating that it hurts me also when I am not there for her.

Submitted: March 07, 2008

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Submitted: March 07, 2008



Each tear that falls

Every word

Hearing, feeling, seeing

But it only hurts…


…When you need me

And I am not there

It only hurts,

When I am not there,

to lift you up.


Wishin’ I was there,

So it wouldn’t hurt as much

Wishin’ I was there,

So you can take hurt away


It only hurts when you cry

And I can not dry a tear.

I want to be there

So it doesn’t hurt as bad


Please destroy my hurt

In this soul

Ensure me please

That it will not hurt in the end


It only hurts when you say,

You are nothing

And you really mean it


It only hurts when you tell me

To forget about you

That is something that would

Hurt me more if I agree to do so


It would really hurt

If you left me

On my knees I would cry

It only would hurt

For the longest time…


But it only hurts

When I am not there

To break your falls

And lift you up

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