Ryuuk_God of Death and the Underworld

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I made this for a mythology class. We had to create or own god. So I made Ryuuk. This story just explains how he became the God of daeth and the underworld.

Submitted: August 12, 2007

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Submitted: August 12, 2007



In the realm of Shevrij, home of the gods, a meeting was called to celebrate the birth of a new god. Every god and goddess was invited to the celebration. Jext, the god of war and ruler of human, made an announcement.

“Thank you all form coming,” said Jext. “It is my honor to introduce you to my new son, Ryuuk.”

Jext held his son up high in the air for all to see.

“What is he going to rule over?” asked Nym, goddess of nature and crops.

“I think Ryuuk is too young to rule over anything,” said Kyuiu, goddess of love and harmony; mother of Ryuuk.

“When he gets older, I will discuss it with him,” said Jext. “For now, let us feast.”

The gods and goddesses continued to celebrate in joy, all except one. Jiryx, god of death and pain; ruler of Shevjir, the realm of the dead, stood in a dark corner. He was jealous of Jext.

After the celebration, Jiryx stormed into Shevjir angrily. He pondered a way to overthrow his brother, Jext.

“Stupid brother!” exclaimed Jiryx. “One day, I will rule over all of the gods and goddesses!”


As Jiryx sat upon his throne, Kuiki, Jext’s messenger hawk, flew into Shevjir. It landed in front of the throne and looked at Jiryx with piercing eyes.

“What does Jext want?” questioned Jiryx.

“Master Jext is furious with you!” answered Kuiki. “You know it is conventional for all gods and goddesses to give a gift to a newborn god or goddess. Jext wishes to know why you did not leave a gift.”

“Tell brother that I simply do not care,” said Jiryx. “However, tell him that in seventeen years, I will give Ryuuk three gifts.”

“Very well,” said Kuiki.

Kuiki flew off and delivered the message.


“I think I know how I will overthrow Jext…” said Jiryx.

Jiryx summoned his three daughters. Each daughter had different strong points. Xiax, Jiryx’s blind daughter, was a blacksmith and created the weapons for the gods and goddesses. Tsuichi, Jiryx’s eldest and wisest daughter, created various and mysterious potions. Asude, Jiryx’s mute and youngest daughter, creates the messengers for the gods and goddesses.

“Asude! Tsuichi! Xiax!” shouted Jiryx. “Prepare the gifts for Ryuuk. Asude, create a messenger for Ryuuk. I don’t care what it is. Tsuichi, create a potion that will increase Ryuuk’s strength; however, be sure that it will also manipulate his heart to follow only my orders.”

“Father,” said Tsuichi, “I will make the potion, but you know as well as I do that the appearance of the consumer will alter.”

“I am aware of this,” said Jiryx. “I care little of his appearance.”

“Yes sir,” said Tsuichi.

“Xiax, prepare a scythe for Ryuuk,” said Jiryx. “Make sure the blade is made with the Aerks material.”

“The material that has the potential to kill a god?” questioned Xiax. “For what reason?”

“Trust me on this,” grinned Jiryx evilly.

Seventeen years later, Kuiki flew down to Shevjir to gather the gifts. However, Jiryx refused to give the over.

“I will deliver them myself,” said Jiryx.

“As you wish, Master Jiryx,” said Kuiki as it flew away.

Jiryx entered the realm of the gods. He presented himself to Ryuuk, who had grown into a great warrior, and Jext. In the back of the room, a teenage girl stood next to Kyuiu. Jiryx noticed her and questioned her presence.

“Who is this mortal?” questioned Jiryx. “Why is she here?”

“Her name is Vyness,” explained Ryuuk. “She is here because I invited her here. She is going to be my bride. What do you want?”

“I have brought the gifts I promised,” said Jiryx. “I brought wonderful items.”

“What exactly did you bring?” asked Jext.

“See for yourself,” answered Jiryx.

Jiryx handed the gifts over to Ryuuk. Ryuuk set the gifts on a table and examined each one. He picked up the scythe first.


“Very interesting,” said Ryuuk. “The blade is well done and it has a wonderful moon-like glow.”

Ryuuk put the scythe back on the table and picked up the potion.

“What is this?” questioned Ryuuk.

“That is a strength potion,” said Jiryx. “It permanently increases your strength by a great magnitude.”

Ryuuk put the potion on the table then picked up a brown bag. “He looked inside and saw many bones.

“This bag is full of bones. “What is it suppose to be?” questioned Ryuuk.

“This is your messenger,” said Jiryx. “Give the bag to me. I will give it life.”

Ryuuk gave the bag to Jiryx. Jiryx dumped the bones onto the floor, touched a bone and started to chant in another language. One by one, each bone connected to another. When all pieces were connected, they formed the skeleton of a miniature, wingless dragon.

“Amazing!” exclaimed Ryuuk. “I shall call it Shirinj and my I shall call my scythe Deoradox.”

“May I suggest trying the potion, Ryuuk,” said Jiryx. “You do want to be stronger do you not?”

“I’m strong as is,” said Ryuuk. “However, I will drink it to get even stronger so I can protect my loved ones.”

Ryuuk grabbed the potion off the table and started to drink it.

“Not only will it make him stronger,” thought Jiryx, “it will put him under my control.”

As Ryuuk finished drinking the potion, pain overcame his body. He gripped his left arm tightly and fell to his knees. His golden hair turned black and his eyes changed colors. His left eyes turned orange and his right eyes turned red. Ryuuk started to cough up blood. His skin started to rot off his left arm in the shape of the kanji (a form of Japanese writing) for demon. Ryuuk felt like his insides were burning. A single black wing sprouted from is back.

“What did you do?” questioned Jext.

“I made him into a heartless machine,” explained Jiryx. “That potion manipulated his heart. He will obey all my orders and kill anyone that gets in his way. Ryuuk, kill your father now!”

Ryuuk slowly lifted himself up with Deoradox in hand. He lunged at his father with the thirst of blood in his eyes. Dodging and blacking every attack, Jext tried to talk sense into his son.

“Snap out of it!” exclaimed Jext. “Find it somewhere in your soul! This isn’t who you really are.”

“Die all of you!” shouted Ryuuk. “All shall no longer exist!”

“There is no use talking to him,” said Jiryx.

Jext kicked Ryuuk away. Ryuuk charged at Jext again; however, Vyness jumped in the way of Ryuuk.

“Stop!” shouted Vyness. “Ryuuk! This isn’t who you are!”

Ryuuk lifted Deoradox above his head and sliced through Vyness. Blood sprinkled Ryuuk’s face and stained Deoradox with Vyness’s blood.

“The crimson rain has ceased,” said Ryuuk. “Let’s make the rain continue!”

Ryuuk licked the blood off his face and the blade of Deoradox. Ryuuk suddenly fell on his knees in pain and closed his eyes tightly.

“What’s wrong?” questioned Jiryx. “Finish him, now!”

Ryuuk opened his eyes and his eyes started to glow. Ryuuk looked at the corpse of his precious Vyness and then looked at Jiryx. Jiryx walked toward Ryuuk as Ryuuk stood up.

“Kill Jext now,” demanded Jiryx. “That’s an order.”

Ryuuk looked at Jiryx and then at his father. He suddenly grabbed Jiryx’s throat and tightly squeezed it.

“I’m through taking orders form you,” said Ryuuk angrily. “You made kill my loved one and almost made me kill my father! I’m going to kill you!”

Ryuuk dug his nails into the throat of Jiryx and ripped the flesh off Jiryx’s neck.

“How…did you overcome…the potion?” questioned Jiryx.

Ryuuk looked at the corpse of Vyness then back at Jiryx.

“I guess the taste of a loved one’s blood and the voice of a loved one,” explained Ryuuk, “brings somebody like me to their senses.”

Ryuuk jabbed Jiryx in the gut. His fist went through Jiryx’s body. He threw the body in the air and chopped it up into pieces. The pieces hit the floor, causing a splashing sound as it dropped into the puddles of blood.

Jext and Kyuiu embraced their bloody son.

“I’m sorry mother and father,” said Ryuuk.

“It’s alright son,” said Jext. “However, you have created a problem. Since there is no god of death, death will cease to exist. The world will become overpopulated.”

“I will become the new god of death,” said Ryuuk.

“Are you sure?” questioned Jext.

“I’m positive,” said Ryuuk. “I will consider it a punishment for what I have done.”

“As you wish,” said Jext. “Put this around your neck. It will identify you as the god of death. In addition, you will be given the power to command the dead and manipulate the hearts of the dead. You will be ruling over the realm of the dead.”

Jext gave Ryuuk a shackle with a short length of chain hanging from it. Ryuuk then put it around his neck.

“Now go claim your throne in Shevjir,” said Kyuiu.

“Good bye,” said Ryuuk.

Ryuuk walked out of Shevrij and into Shevjir. As he walked deeper into Shevjir, he saw the throne. He walked closer to it and sat in it eagerly. Ryuuk cheerfully smiled as Shirinj floated next to him.

“Now let’s get this started,” said Ryuuk.

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