The Midnight Rose and Crimson Tears

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic
A short story about two girls and the killing of ones father. (Oh and PS I drew the image used for this story :) )

Submitted: August 12, 2007

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Submitted: August 12, 2007



The Midnight Rose and Crimson Tears

Chapter 1

Two teenage boys walked into the skate shop. The store shelves were full of parts. Skateboard wheels were displayed neatly in the glass containers behind the counter. Incline skates were in boxes on shelves on the left side of the room. Safety equipment – helmets, pads, reflectors– – hung from the wall. Skateboard decks hung on the wall behind the register, assorted in many colors and designs. Shirts and other apparel with famous skaters and logos were displayed on chrome display racks.

One of the boys, dressed in casual clothing, browsed through the shirts and the other boy, dressed in a trench coat, approached the register. The boy slyly smiled at the cashier.

“May I help you?” asked the cashier. She sounded a little nervous.

“Yes, you can,” said the boy, reaching for something in his pocket. “You can help by putting all the money you have in this backpack.” The boy drew a gun from his pocket.

The cashier trembled as she slowly grabbed a handful of bills out of the register. “O-okay, here’s…most of it,” she said.

“I said ALL of it!” demanded the boy. He pulled the trigger and shot above the cashier’s head.

“Okay, okay,” said the cashier frighteningly.

The other boy, trembling with fear, ran out of the store. A door to another room located near the cashier’s counter, apparently used for storage and repair, slowly creaked open. The adolescent robber pointed his gun toward the opening door.

“Come out now and I won’t blow your head off,” said the boy uneasily.

Footsteps lightly tapped on the hardwood floor with some sounds of dragging. A teenage girl slowly strolled out from behind the door and studied the adolescent with her diamond colored eyes. She moved the black long hair that covered her right eye so she could see him more clearly. She sighed softly then released her hair.

“Izumi, who is this idiot and why is he pointing that gun at me?” questioned the girl.

“Umm…I think he’s robbing us,” explained the cashier.

“What of it?” interrogated the boy.

“Say, what’s your name?” asked the girl. “I think I’ve seen you before.”

“It’s none of your business!” exclaimed the boy.

“Shika Simare,” said the girl. She grinned playfully.

“How did you know that?” said the boy. He recoiled with surprise.

“I can read your mind,” said the girl. “I’m in your head. I know all your secrets.”

“You don’t know me,” said Shika. He lifted his gun up and pointed it at the girl’s head.

“Idiot,” stated the girl. She lifted her hand up, pointing it in the direction of the gun. Her palm was open. “You don’t have the instinct to kill. You won’t fire a bullet.” She then pointed her palm to the store’s entrance.

Shika clenched the grip of the gun tightly. He angrily looked at the girl and pulled the trigger. Clicking sounds echoed through the store.

“I told you, you won’t fire a bullet,” said the girl. “I’ll give you five seconds to run to the entrance.”

Shika glanced over toward the entrance. He dropped the gun and stumbled toward the door. The girl closed her had to a fist. Shika helplessly tried to open the door but it wouldn’t open. His fingers slipped off the handle and he fell on his butt. Police sirens were heard in the distance and were getting closer. Eventually, a police cat parked in front of the door. An officer got out of his car with his hand on his gun. The girl put her hand down and grabbed Shika by the collar of his shirt. The officer opened the door and looked confused.

“Uhh, which on is the perpetrator?” asked the officer.

“Here,” said the girl. “Take him.” She released Shika’s collar.

“Get me out of here,” said Shika, picking himself up frantically. “This girl is crazy.”

The officer pulled his handcuffs from his belt. He cuffed Shika, put him in the car and drove off. The girl picked up the gun and threw it away.

“Hey, Mayonaka?” questioned Izumi. “Did you really know his secrets?”

“No, I just said that to psych him out,” said the girl.

“And that was a smart thing to do,” said Izumi, smiling. “Y’know, using your telekinetic powers to force the doors close. I would have helped but I was scared at the time.”

“Whatever,” said Mayonaka. “It’s time to close the shop, Izumi.”

“Oh, okay,” said Izumi. She grabbed the backpack off the floor and put the stolen money back in the register; then locked it.

“I need a shower,” said Mayonaka silently to herself. “I can’t stand these uniforms.”

Chapter 2

The evening sunset filled the air with warmth. Seagulls called each other over the open each other. Izumi and Mayonaka walked on the boardwalk that laid on the beach’s sand. Both of them were in their work uniforms. The uniforms were red in color, a short-sleeved shirt with black buttons, and a skirt with black patterns. On the back of the shirt, the words “skater zone” was printed in black letters. Izumi and Mayonaka’s names were engraved on the front of the shirt.

“Mayonaka?” questioned Izumi shyly. “Can I stay at your house tonight?” She put her hands behind her back.

“Why? Is your perverted, drunkard father giving you trouble again?” asked Mayonaka suspiciously. “Don’t lie to me.”

Izumi sadly nodded her head. “Yes,” she said. Her emerald eyes filled with tears. “He– – ”

“I don’t want to know, “said Mayonaka. A little hostility was in her voice. “Stuff like that sickens me. He’s lucky I haven’t turned him in.” She paused for a moment. “You can stay as long as you need.”

“Thank you,” said Izumi, smiling.

The two continued to walk on the boardwalk. Silently, they walked in an urban neighborhood. Graffiti “infected” various market buildings. Izumi and Mayonaka strolled down a narrow street. The houses were bright with colors and the orange light from the sun reflected off a puddle from earlier rains.

“The color of these houses creep me out,” thought Mayonaka. “I hate bright colors.”

Mayonaka and Izumi stopped in front if a black iron gate. It stood in front of a long gravel driveway with a big, old, Victorian, Gothic style house at the end of it. Sprinklers were moistening the grass and the leaves of giant oak trees. A black wolf and a white wolf rested in the sun near an in-ground pool.

The black gate opened with a screeching sound. The two wolves lifted their heads and wagged their tails. Mayonaka and Izumi walked up the driveway slowly, taking their time. The wolves strolled slowly toward Izumi and Mayonaka and walked to the house with them.

“Hey, Yin,” said Mayonaka, “Hey, Yang.” She patted the wolves on the head.

“Mayonaka?” questioned Izumi. “Will aunt May mind me staying?”

“She wouldn’t care,” said Mayonaka. After all, you are family.”

“Okay, but what about a change of clothes?” questioned Izumi.

“Don’t worry,” answered Mayonaka. “We still have some of your clothes form last time your were here.”

Izumi smiled as they entered the house.

“Mom!” shouted Mayonaka. “Izumi is staying with us tonight! Her lustful father is causing trouble.”

“Okay!” answered an echoing voice. “Welcome back, Izumi! Stay as long as you need!”

“Thank you!” answered Izumi.

“C’mon, Izumi,” said Mayonaka. “Let’s go change out of these uniforms.”

Mayonaka and Izumi went up a flight of stairs and entered a room that had big double doors. The room’s perimeter was large and it had two stories. The walls were dark red with black tribal designs painted on them. Two chandeliers hung from the ceiling. The bed was fashioned with black covers and was hanging with the support of thick chains. On the second floor, a computer sat on a desk in the far corner. A door with the word “bathroom” scratched on it was on the opposite side of the computer. The windows were covered with red drapes and the carpet was black and soft. Pictured and posters covered various parts of the wall. A single black rose soaked in a vase on a table near a window.

“Here,” said Mayonaka. She handed Izumi a pair of clothes. “Go take a shower. You’ve had a long day.”

“Thanks,” sighed Izumi.

When Izumi exited the bathroom, Mayonaka looked away from the computer screen and studied Izumi.

“Well, how do I look?” asked Izumi.

Izumi’s blue, shoulder length hair “twinkled” under the chandelier’s lights due to its wetness. She wore light blue pants with white designs on them. She wore a white jacket with one long sleeve on the right arm and no sleeve on the left arm. A white overlaying corset was placed under the breast and it defined the slender shape of Izumi’s waist. The jacket and straps instead of buttons or a zipper to keep the body concealed. The sleeve had three blue straps on it. The jacket also had blue “outlines.” A blue ribbon was tied on her left arm.

“Looks good,” said Mayonaka. “Now if you excuse me, I need to make my shower.”

“Okay,” said Izumi.

Mayonaka grabbed a pair of clothes then went into the steamy bathroom. Several minutes later, she walked out wearing almost exactly what Izumi was wearing. However, the sleeve was on the left arm, the pants were dark red, the jacket and the corset were black, the “outlines” were red and the straps on the sleeve were red. A black piece of cloth was worn on her right forearm with a red ribbon.

“Let’s go to bed,” said Mayonaka exhaustfully. She looked at Izumi, who was reading a book on the couch.

“Okay,” said Izumi. “Let me finish this chapter.”


Chapter 3

Izumi woke in the night; her emerald eyes filled with tears. She embraced her knees and breathed heavily. Then she got up and rushed to the bathroom. Mayonaka was secretly awake and heard the sounds of vomiting.

“She must’ve had that dream again,” said Mayonaka quietly. “Poor Izumi. She lost her mother when she was still developing her telekinetic abilities. Her father killed her mother and made it look like suicide. She keeps dreaming about it. She witnessed it herself. It makes me so angry.”

Izumi exited the bathroom and moped back to the coach she slept on. She looked at the digital clock on the wall. It read “11:30.” The covers that Izumi was using lifted and covered her. She looked over at Mayonaka and smiled a bit.

“Thank you,” said Izumi. Her voice broke a little.

“I’m going after him,” said Mayonaka.” He will pay.”

“You mean father?” questioned Izumi. “When?”

“Right now,” said Mayonaka. She leaped out of bead and put her black shoes on. “You’re coming with me.”

Izumi looked down, then a moment later, nodded her head. “Okay,” she said.

As Mayonaka was sneaking out the window, Izumi grabbed the black rose and tucked the stem between the jacket and the corset. She followed Mayonaka out the window and climbed down to the ground. They jumped the fence and scurried up the road. The night was still and quiet with an occasional frog croak. Orange and blue streetlights illuminated the streets and sidewalks. Mayonaka and Izumi finally stopped in front of a house.

The house was pale blue in color. The screen door was crooked and it was full of holes. Window shudders were falling off the windows and some glass was covers with aluminum foil. Beer cans polluted the lawn and a fire drum was placed next to the driveway. The driveway was occupied by a rugged, rusty pickup truck.

Izumi unlocked the door to the house and walked in quietly. Mayonaka followed her as the sound of snoring rang through the house. They were careful not to make any noise; unfortunately, many cans and bottles were scattered on the floor. They followed the sound of snoring to a back room. When they entered the room, a bald, beer-bellied man was lying on a poorly made bed.

“How are we going to do it?” asked Mayonaka quietly.

“I don’t know,” Izumi whispered back.

“I got it,” whispered Mayonaka. I want you to think of all the pain he has caused you, Focus on his heart or any other vital organ with your telekinetic abilities and make it explode.”

“That’s a little gruesome,” said Izumi. “Are you sure?”

“Do you want to avenger her or not?” questioned Mayonaka angrily. She clenched her fists tightly.

“Oh, okay,” said Izumi.

Izumi put her hand over her father’s chest and closed her eyes. Several moments later, blood slowly streamed out of his mouth. Izumi opened her eyes and bloody tears streamed down her cheeks. She placed the black rose on her father’s bed as the clock on a table struck midnight.

“Now you will rest in company of the midnight rose…” said Mayonaka.

“…just as mother did,” said Izumi sadly. Bloody tears still rolled down her cheeks. “All the pain you caused me is expressed in these crimson tears! I hate you and I always have! You don’t deserve to die with the rose mother did!” Izumi picked up the black rose.

“Come on,” said Mayonaka. “Let’s go home.”

“No! I still want revenge!” shouted Izumi. She used telekinesis to sling her father’s body against a wall.”

Mayonaka slapped Izumi across the face. “Stop it!” she yelled. “To much revenge leads to corruption of balance of mind and body. And that leads to death.” Mayonaka held Izumi. “I miss her, too.” Izumi’s crimson tears dripped on Mayonaka’s jacket and face.

A drop of blood hit the rose. The rose’s pedals glowed midnight blue and floated in the air as each one faded away.

“Now let’s go home,” said Mayonaka.

© Copyright 2020 KastOblivion. All rights reserved.

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