To My Loved One

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I wrote this in dedication to someone I love...

Submitted: September 05, 2007

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Submitted: September 05, 2007



Voices tellin'

People yellin'

All seems hopless

No way out You want to end ya life

It's so close to feelin' that way

Push beyond the break!

Never Let up, Never back down

Never again say those words of sorrow

I will hold your hand and ne'er let go

Never will I let go!

Love seems questionable

It is for you? Is it for me?

Truth is, you cant stop it

No matter how hard ya try

It's a gift bestowed, use it wisely

Dont squander, dont waste

Push beyond the break!

Never let go, never hold back

open the door, hang on tight

I will be there to hold your hand

Ne'er let go! I won't! Never abaondoned

Say what ya mean, what ya feel!

How far will it go? I will go 'till no end

People tellin your not worth my time

Watch me embrace (you) and shove it in thier face.

Your worth every breath you breathe,

every fuckin breath I've made!

Stop saying "freak"

You are you, human being

Nobody can fuckin change that

Normal you are in these eyes of mine

Your not trash, not worthless

You are on of my reasons to live for...

Don't let the arms of sorrow hover over you

Stay in these arms of love and ne'er leave

Tell those voices to shut the fuck up, and

bother someone else

You have my trust, heart yours for the takin

The words I want to say:

Strong tower (I'll have ya back)

Sanctuary (Shelter You)

My heart (yours)

I love you, till my dying day...

****I wrote this for my loved one, Taylar Fenandini (nezumi). I love her dearly^-^

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