The Point Of Existence

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Submitted: May 17, 2011

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Submitted: May 17, 2011



Whats the point of existing in the world? It's a cold, cruel place and even the smallest mistake can screw up your life or kill you. As I look to my left and right I see decaying bodies of the ones who lay down their lives to save a pointless country. A pointless country to which i apparently belong to. Their souls no longer exist in our world, they have moved on. But not me. As the last one standing it is my duty to keep fighting for land that will soon be lost to the people of the Other Side. But as the smoke clears from the recent bombing, I see that only one opponent stands in my way. A young boy only a few meters from me. Younger than me by perhaps two years and he is armed with a small knife. Fear is in his eyes as I approach him. His knees start to buckle and his entire body trembles as I tower over him. He's obviously undernourished by the look of his ribs poking out through his shirt, although I am in no better shape than he is. I'm most likely the most terrifying thing he's seen. Being a fifteen year old girl can be difficult in general. But when you're forced into fighting for a pointless cause, a normal teenage life with annoying parents doesn't sound bad at all. I stare into this boys brilliant green eyes as he studies my face and I take a deep breath in, and put away my weapon. I could never fight a kid, even if it costs my life. \"What's your name?\" I ask. “S-sasha.” he says as his voice cracks. “And are you going to kill me Sasha?” I ask. “I don't want to.” he whispers, “I never wanted to do this. I don't want to exist anymore, I wish I had died with all my friends instead of being the last one standing.” as he says this, tears fall own his cheeks, and the knife falls out of his shaking hands. “I know Sasha, I know. But isn't there something that you still want to live for? Anything?” The poor boy looks down at his hands and says hoarsely, “M-my sister. She didn't have to fight. She's at h-home with my m-mum and d-d-dad.” The tears are streaming down now as he starts to sob. “Then you can't die now can you?” I say with a smile, “Now with me, I have no parents, or family, and the only reason why I'm here is because the orphanage didn't have space for me anymore.” At this, Sasha looks up at me, “I'm sorry.” “Don't be, I never knew my parents and I'm just a useless speck taking up space in the world. There's no purpose for me to be alive, to exist. But you, Sasha, you must live to return to your sister and family. So DON'T you give up.\" I say, staring deep into his eyes, hoping the point gets through. Sasha nods, \"I hope you know that I don't think you're a waste of space.\" I smile, \"You may think that Sasha but the orphanage didn't. It's ok.\" I pick up the knife and give it back to the boy. “I promise not to make a sound, to make this easier on you. If you want to just close your eyes, and do it.” He looks at the knife, and I bend down to kiss his forehead before lying on the ground. I smile, “You must promise me that you will return to your sister Sasha. Go to her and protect her and your family.” and I close my eyes. After a moment or two, I feel the tip of the blade rest above my heart and I hear the deep breath he takes before plunging the blade deep into my chest, letting the blood in my body gush out, stopping my heartbeat, ending my pointless existence.

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