Miss. Doom & Gloom

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Sometimes you just pull the short straw in life, and nothing never goes as plan. It's your choice to embrace it or let it punch you in a little pulp of disappointment and misery.

Submitted: May 12, 2018

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Submitted: May 12, 2018



"Love and happiness always seem to go hand to hand with people when telling a story... Growing up as a young girl it was no exception, in fact, it was all you heard like a reinforcing essence was being imprinted in your mind.  'You're a princess' or 'wait for your prince charming!' even 'If you put your mind to it you can defeat anything!'... Well, life doesn't work that way, and most of us find that out rather quickly. Mine was when I woke up to hearing my father and mother screaming at each other, "How did we end up bankrupt!?" 

Rate than I knew that my happiness was getting picked at with an ax, and the grim ripper was gladly attending to thrusting it into my happiness. 

Only being age 12 all my toy's and clothing were being sold, for my parents now had nothing. Soon it was just my mother left after my father disappeared leaving me and my two sisters behind. Not that I ever really seen him much, to begin with, my mother eventually went insane soon after and ended up throwing herself into the ocean from the cliffs behind our house before we lost our home completely.

Eventually, I and my sisters were torn apart going to family friends, I went to my father's best friend who was a world famous historian and Archaeologists Mr. Reo Takahashi.

My life has been a concent traveling to different sites and museums with him while keeping up with my online courses. 

This is the boring life me Elissa Esra May, or is it that boring?

The only time I could ever think of the time my life was eventful was when Mr. Takahashi took me on one of his excavation. Where he was digging up a lost emperors tomb, I was just there cause Takahashi refused to leave me home alone. Cause I tend to always set the house on fire or break a few artifacts or antics... thanks to my clumsy and ditsy personality.

My day started out in one of the tents that the team pitched up the day before, I happened to find a snake curled up rate between my legs... it's the closest thing I ever hand remotely that close near my genitals, but it was defiantly not welcomed. 

"Fuck, Shit, Oh Crap!" Looking around everyone was gone out of the tent, so I had to take care of this task by myself. 

Fortunately, the snake was humbly sleeping as I frantically looked around for a solution. Only to jump the gun, and literally reached under my pillow and grabbed a pistol I normally always tend to keep under my pillows and shoot the snake in the head. 

Blood splattered along with pieces of the snake, "well that's nasty". 

Grabbing the rest of the snake's body I tossed it into a trash bin that was in the tent. Along with the sheet that was covered in its blood, changing out of my nightgown. I threw on a white blouse and some washed out jeans, throwing my long messy blonde hair into a ponytail only to throw a vineyardvines red hat. 

Placing my beige combat boots on without socks, I headed outside the tent. Nobody was around could they have gone to the excavation site? Following the markers that they left leading a path deep into the forest, I stumbled upon some rubble. 

"Hello!?" screaming to get an answer was the wrong plan of action, cause nobody replied back 'strange'.

Stumbling and climbing throughout the scrambles of the old rubble I saw a tunnel that had lights within it. They must be hiding within their, maybe it goes down really deep? Or that's what I hoped. 

Mr. Takahashi always joked about curses, bobby traps, and cave-ins while he explores tombs. I felt bulbs of sweat run down my brow, I was drenched with sweat. Was it from fear of the unknown or this humidity that seemed to be grasping me by the throat. Maybe its cold down there?

Stumbling off the rubble to be looking down within the tunnel, wind swiftly came out and greeted me with a cold chill. So it is cold down there?!

Without a second thought, I leaped into the dimly lite tunnel. The tunnel seemed to keep on going downward, but the air got colder and stiffer the deeper I went. 

Did Mr. Takahashi and his team get lost down here? Or are they still walking down the stairs to hit the bottom of where these stairs lead... what if they lead to hell!? I am too beautiful, and young to die just yet. Even if I passed drinking age doesn't mean I still have nothing to be excited to live for. I haven't even banged a guy, yet thanks to my bad luck always stumbling onto me when I'm about to get in the heat of the moment. I am cursed, soon I crashed into a wall without thinking I jumped back into reality.

"Owch OWch!?" 

rubbing my nose seemed to help the pain that was throbbing throughout it, looking around I see a path leading to the left. Finally, I reached the bottom of this thing... Hopefully? 

Turning around into the path the air started to stink of iron and mold. "Only if the undead could clean..." I moaned as I stumbled throughout the hall following the dimly lite path. Soon the path opened up to a gigantic room made of marble and gold. "I am rich as f$$k!!!" 

Looking around the room it was piled up with jewels and treasures, whomever tomb this was. Was a greedy bastard to have kept it down in his grave, if this is a grave? Wait for Mr. Takahashi?! Looking around I have seen nobody but treasure and sculptures of unknown figures. Turning around to see if I missed a room I have seen a pile of people laying in front of the door which I just came through. 

It was the research team, greamly I saw Mr. Takahashi's head rolling towards me off one of the piles of treasures only to end up hitting my foot. With my reaction, I ended up kicking his head only to hit a figure in the dark corner of the room. 

"Oh god!" 

I screamed as I panicked as the figure walked towards me. Clothed in bright silks it starting crackling, as it went up to touch me it's arm fell off. I blankly stared at it for a second until it bent down to pick it up, "Umm I know you were probably peacefully sleeping until we umm came and woke yah up Mr. Zombie dude. But, I'll gladly leave yah and your treasure alone forever if you let me dip out of... here?"

after picking up his arm, he looked at me through those silked cloths I could see gleaming silver colored eyes. He seemed to be grinning "Doooommmm" he screeched. 

I took a step back as I took a glimpse of his other hand which carried a blood red dagger. "You aren't thinking of using that on a young beauty like me... Can we make terms? I'll become your wife or something?" trying to keep a smile as I had this monster in front of me was unnervingly creepy. He held up the dagger "Save me, avenge me, help me!" 

He screeched as he pierced the dagger through my heart, soon everything went black.

"Hey, miss are you okay?" 

I felt slim palm against my cheek only to away to a woman with short hair and a skinny malnourished figure. 

"Why are you touching me?" Slapping her hand away I rose up feeling swamped and my chest burnt. 

"Miss you were found in the middle of the battlefield, I was just nursing you?" She mumbled. I looked around and on the table, I spotted the red dagger, "That thing!" I spouted, she shoots her eyes the way I was pointing. "Umm miss. did you end up losing your mind on the battle field that was found beside you..." Suddenly two giant men in armor burst into the tent with a slim tall man with feminine features. 

"Demon or an angle of battle?" the feminine one asked in a harsh tone as he marched towards me, only to rip ar my hair and pull me off the bed and onto my feet. My body was luckily all bandaged or my goods would have been out for the whole squad to see. 

"Let me go prick!" I slammed my knee into his groan, yet he stood unphased looking down at me with a pissed off look. "Attacking a man's reproductive parts is a crime miss..." the malnourished woman squicked. "I am a beautiful young woman, I am neither a demon nor am I am an angel. Even though my beauty and grace are of one!" I smirked glaring into the man's amber colored eyes that were framed with what seems like eyeliner. 

He rolled his eyes and pulled my hair along with him dragging me out of the tent. Mud and rocks slid against my unclothed skin, as the coldness of the night scratched at me. Soon I was pulling into another tent as I was thrown onto a fur flooring, "if you are just a woman... you are my woman!" He smirked as he looked down at me. 

What the hell is wrong with this dude... he could pass as a transvestite with his looks, and he has the personality of an ill manner caveman.

"Tell me where and who are you now!" 

He yelled at me as he now leached his hand again towards my hair, I swiped him away. "I was in a tomb looking for my adopted father and his team... Then I found an enormous treasure trove but also everyone's dead bodies. Then a man with silver eyes wrapped in colorful silk came at me with that red dagger you guys fount me with and stabbed me in my heart... End of story, now I am here. Am I in hell or something?"

He looked at me with an unamused expression, "you sure you're sane?" he questioned. "Who knows anymore?" I shrugged as I couldn't even answer that question at this point. 

Maybe I should say I am a princess, but then he'll kill me of trying to impersonate I don't even think I am in my own world or timezone.

"So who are you? Since I am apparently your woman now?" 

He looked at me and turned around to walk towards the bed in the tent, "look around, I am of high caliber and blood." 

Good for you... This guy will do as a money pocket for the moment, that guy who stabbed me told me to help him. So I must be back where he came from, too bad it was an unknown tomb in the middle of nowhere. Though he must have sent me here to this place for a reason, this guy who I am with doesn't have the silver eyes... maybe he killed the dude or something. 

"Wash up!" I looked over at the guy who is now my soon to be a sugar daddy and peered at a silver giant tub in the corner of the tent. "Should be still warm from when I used it"

I looked at the man who was stipping down into just a rob, he had jet black silky straight hair that fell past his define buttox. He was lean and muscular with a giant slash on his chest, can't say I ever have seen a good looking man such as this in person. To bad his face could pass as a female if you enhanced it more with makeup, I'm more into manly mountain men with a beard. 

Unwrapping my once clean bandages I climbed into the tub, the water was body temperature and smelled of a honey sickle. Scrubbing off the mud and scraps that feminine sugar daddy gave me while dragging me like a caveman.

"If you keep on looking at me so intensely I think I might be chocked by your desire!" I smirked. He just bats his long eyelashes mimicking my own than he started laughing, "I am just amused by your features, think of yourself as a rainbow color crane.." 

Crane? Wow, he really knows how to get a woman juices flowing, I think I might be a nun at this rate if gorgeous men can't even excite me. 

After cleaning off I found myself snuggled into some animal fur on the floor, for sugar daddy refused to let his newly fount woman 'pet' onto the bed. Guess being rare and naked doesn't get you deflowered. Hopefully, my sisters are doing well back home... In my time... This is depressing. Tears flowed from my face all night tile I couldn't bear it, I must find the silver eye man and go back to my time or world. Even if I finally have a man, he is pretty awful and I feel like he could be 95% into dudes.

Sneaking around the tent finding some clothing to put on so I could disguise myself as a guy, was the main priority. I shall escape this camp and go off and find Mr. silver eyes.

Looking back at my sugar daddy to make sure he was sound asleep, I crept out of the tent. I wore a military-style looking uniform that he had laying in a trunk at the edge of the tent with others like it. It was of royal blue with a silver lining. I darted along the shadows tile I hit the tent in which had the red dagger, which I needed. I crept inside the tent only to have the male nutritious woman look 

"Your one lucky girl, take the dagger and run away from that man. He has a tendency to break women or so I overheard..." 

I tilted my head in confusion "why not calling me out, and getting me dragged out?" 

She shrugged, "I seen to much death. Who needs another body to be piled up on the carriage, plus my sons your age." getting up, she fixed her bloody apron and smiled half-heartedly. 

"Thank you, Mrs, so do you know or have heard of a man with silver eyes?" She perked up a bit and began to get nervous. "Men came back from the battlefield screaming about a red dragon with silver eyes, he is known as the 2nd prince of the Kingdom of Ceisean."

"Kingdom of what?" I replied in confusion. She looked at me in confusion, yet just shrugged it off. "You really aren't from here, well there are 5 major kingdoms one of Ceisean in the West our enemy. We are from Maun in the West, the middle kingdom of Zivia, Praos in the south and the demon kingdom of Fade in the North." she clarified.

"So I should head West!" I smiled, grabbing the red dagger. 

"Well miss I wouldn't dare, but you can try. Just remember to be careful of their elements and guardian..."

Before she could finish I ran out of the tent in the pursuit to walk around the battlefield to the other side, to meet up with silver eyes. Yet, luckily for me, a tan horse with a white mane walked up to me from behind the tent. 

"You wanna leave to the buddy, we gotta go quietly to not alarm the guards on watch!" I smiled rubbing the horse's snout. 

Jumping onto the horse bareback, I headed out around the camp towards the west side. Only to hear soldiers screaming about me, I was spotted... Luckily I was to far gone, and at the speed, I was going I'd meet the other camp by morning.

I never realized how uncomfortable it was to ride a horse bareback until I got the full experience. My legs kept cramping up, but I was afraid to stop or else my head would be on the ground.

Suddenly a bright fire sprouted around me and my newly found ally. A man emerged out of the flames with flaming red blazing long hair, and...silver eyes. 

"You're the zombie who stabbed me!" I spotted holding up the red dagger. He narrowed his eyes onto the dagger and smirked "knew I felt it's presence, that is an artifact called the dragon slayer woman. Hand it over! I didn't come all the way out here to just met you."

I leaped off my ally and walked up to this man of large stature. Yet, he was perfectly the same age or a bit older than me. "Well, Mr. cardinal, you've been ordering me to help you and stop people from betraying you. Now you want a dagger your future self or whatever stabbed into my chest? Go to hell!"


















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