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its a story about going insane and your sanity being left in the dark after you have gone insane

Submitted: May 22, 2013

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Submitted: May 22, 2013



Drip,Drip,Drip its a sound that kills with only Drip,Drip,Drip. Silence is the sounds consort  and oh the children they make. Silence and only minemal sound make for the mind to wander, what soft carresing of the minds darkest thoughts. Drip,Drip,Drip slowly you mind starts to be coverd in black Drip,Drip,Drip slowly you begin to lose your mind, left only to your thoughts and your monsters. Drip,Drip,Drip louder and louder it becomes Drip,Drip,Drip you are ever frantic to make it stop it is louder ,closer you shild your eyes in fear. Then, nothing no sound it has gone. you look to see what has happened and see that you are held by  insanity. Your darkest thoughts have won and you have lost yourself to darkness you soon realize that the dripping were your own tears.  

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