Sleepless Void Nights

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Sleepless nights is a poem that took me 3 weeks and I am happy to announce it is finally finished!

Submitted: March 11, 2013

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Submitted: March 11, 2013



Sleepless Nights




On sleepless nights that darkened room stares with black scrutiny,

Reaching into the vision of those void souls, bleeding into their conscience.

The souls, they face grieving tears without any courage and cry and cry.

Crying till the water runs no more,

Till it’s dry.

They yell and scream in the desolate whirlpool of dreams, grasping at their crimson eyes unable to shake off the burden that haunts their minds.

On these sleepless nights their faces sing songs of sorrow;

The songs reflected by dark waters swimming at their feet.

Tossing and turning thoughts churning,

They roll round and round with restless heads in their restless beds,

Creating an unruly squall of yearning,

A yearning for hope.

Though that hope shatters before those sleepless nights,

Crushing any promise for escape in its wake.




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