Instructions For Flight

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Submitted: May 04, 2017

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Submitted: May 04, 2017



Instructions For Flight

Kate I. Foley




Pinpoint that piece of your heart that won't stop reaching for

cotton candy clouds and

sprinkled stars atop a bowl of

milky way ice cream.

Connect with your inner child, because

they are the one that

never stopped to

doubt their own DNA,

their skin,

their wide-eyed wonderment and

dreams of impossible possibility.




Ask yourself these essential questions:

What keeps you optimistic, with

one foot on the ground but

the other stretching toward an invisible staircase?

Do you have an end goal in sight or

are you content to float along wherever

fate takes you?

Why leave the earth beneath you when

one false move could send you back to

green grasses and stone-cold pavement?

How are you so brave?




Create a plan of escape when

the slippery hands of sinister thoughts try to

clutch at and silence your soul.

Hang on to that

one person who knows just what to say even when

they don't know how to say it and

gives you the only hand you ever needed to


Tell them when you are hurting.

Let them be your strength when you can't

keep your head up on your own.

You are not weak.

This is the strongest thing you could

ever do.




Find the place that

scares you most, that

lives inside you, that

comes back to you when sleep takes over and

makes you want to curl up under a blanket of

solitude and

never hurt anyone again.

This is the place you will leave behind.

This place of pain is the one you will soar from.

Take a step toward the ledge and

breathe in the air from the other side and

exhale the toxins.




Accept the gift of flight that's

been handed to you from

the person whose hand you gripped so tightly when

you thought you’d hit rock bottom and you




If you can't see it, look around and

realize that it's there, that

glittering promise you mistook for

just another rock in

a mountain of words you've hurled at yourself, words that

have been hurled at you.

That's it.

That's flight.

It's been there all along.

You just needed to find it.




Strap on those wings and

close your eyes and

take a step off that ledge with your arms spread and

let the faith in yourself be enough to

have the wind whip underneath your

entire body and

lift it back up into the air like a

firework or a

bird of paradise or a

shooting star.

It doesn't matter what heights you reach or

what storms might set you back or

how often you want to yank the feathers from your body and

let them burn.

You've already done it.

Bask in the pride for a moment and

soak in the fact that

you are amazing.




Don your battle scars as

armor that will

shield you from future events that

try to break through your spirit.

Let that pain be the

stories you tell your

children and

future friends and

anyone you may form a

connection so strong with that

you can lift the corners of your lips and

say, "I survived."




Use the wisdom you've

gained along the way and

help that lonely girl or boy hiding in

the corner of themselves and

show them how to

take care of

their own soul.

And it's hard to

teach someone how to fly when

all you have are

cardboard wings you

crafted from spare string and love.

But it will make all the difference to

the ones who need it most when

up until now they've only known how to fall.

You know better than anyone that

even a second under the sun can

be the difference between a

life worth living and a

life full of empty words like,

"I'm fine" and

"Don't worry" and

"It's not worth it."

It is worth it,

believe me,

it is worth it.

You are worth every bent feather and

late night phone call and

broken wing and

anything you ever thought was putting me out.

It's not,

I promise you,

it's not.

Whatever I have,

my words,

my hugs,

my empty hands where yours fit perfectly,

they are yours.

They are yours,

every day,

they are yours.

Close your eyes,


fly into that beautiful world.

It is yours for the taking.

© Copyright 2019 Kate I. Foley. All rights reserved.

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