Film Review - PS. I Love You.

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A film review on the movie P.S I Love You.

Submitted: December 22, 2011

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Submitted: December 22, 2011



P.S I love you claims to break out of the typical chick flick barriers but fails to do so. However this does not mean the movie is boring; it’s utterly heart-breaking and memorable.  The story starts with married couple Holly and Gerry arguing over the common mother-in-law topic to the point of an almost break up. Just when they realise how much they need each other the movie skips seven months to Gerry’s wake. Although tragedy seems standard of a romantic comedy, the death of charming Irish man Gerry will leave you in a blubbering mess as you cry your little heart out. This is not all depressing though as hope comes in the form of a letter cunningly planned out while the man was dying so that they are delivered once a month. These letters are full of beautiful inspirations for grieving Holly to guide her into the new chapter of her life without her husband.

Based on the best-selling novel by Cecilia Ahern, P.S. I Love You is an emotional roller-coaster with uplifting moments due to its light humour. The movie seems to follow the books storyline with only a few changes with characters such as William a love interest of Holly’s is non-existing in the novel however the message stays the same. Director Richard LaGravenese takes on the challenging flashbacks into the couples ups and downs in such a tender way avoiding taking your attention away from the story but allowing you to become attached to the characters. Their seems to be a constant morbid feel throughout the movie which leaves you unable to fully appreciate the comedy within the film, this is a similar feel to Water For Elephants which he also directed.

This movie is definitely for a female audience since it falls into the chick flick and romcom category plus man would shun from a film where they are likely to cry at and lose all masculinity. Women will doubtlessly love the friendship between Holly and her two girlfriends Sharon and Denise with their heart-warming attitudes and aura of faith. Denise played by Lisa Kudrow seems to have borrowed some of her tactics from hers days of playing the role of Phoebe Buffet in Friends. She will leave single woman everywhere with new rules of how to find Mr Right as she hunts for a male companion who is single, straight, employed and a great kisser. Whereas Sharon played by Gina Gershon takes on the role of a motherly best friend who takes a gentle approach to easing Holly into her new beginning.

The letters Holly receives dare her to become spontaneous and take a trip down memory lane by putting her whole trust into her dead husband. This allows the audience to see the strength of Holly’s and Gerry’s relationship and how even after the unthinkable happens which breaks them apart, Gerry can still comfort his sorrowful wife. Gerry is played by Gerard Butler with ease as he appears to adapt the Irish accent with grace. He is the characteristic hero with he’s charming quotes and musical influence that pluck at your heartstrings this makes you traumatised over his departure. Holly is played by Hilary Swank who still seems radiant while she endlessly weeps.

Since this is a ROMANTIC comedy of course love interests have been thrown in along the way including cynical Daniel and lucky charm William. Daniel is played by Harry Connick Jr who adds laughter through his brutal honesty but he’s does not manage to be endearing enough to be forgiven for his quirks. He becomes annoyingly insensitive, harsh and rude to such a delicate subject. William played by Jeffery Dean Morgan and is the complete opposite to cruel Daniel with his witty spirit and kind nature that you wish the two a future together.

 The movie is full of clichés including how Holly deals with her loss by impulsively becoming a shoe designer. This all seems very unrealistic but you still cannot help but enjoy the movie. It will make you discover the true meaning life after mourning and give you a brighter outlook on the world. It will leave you wondering why you cannot have a husband who will love you enough to die young and then send you letters posthumously.

Review - ****

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