Woman in black review

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The film The Woman In Black review.

Submitted: May 15, 2012

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Submitted: May 15, 2012



The woman in black is a famous ghost story from a book written by Susan Hill. The story revolves around widow Arthur Kipps who is facing financial problems along with stress from the law firm where he is working, so to prove he is right for the job he is assigned to handle the estate of Alice Drablow. This estate is the house of all nightmares with its isolated location, creepy gravestones and creaking staircase which will cause your spine to shiver. From the moment Kipps steps off the train into the village you know there is a terrible secret of mysteries from the unknown deep inside the souls of the locals and this tortured man is going to be the one to uncover this. This makes you know that the horror revolves around the heart of this small village making you weary at every sharp conner he turns. The tension is raised by the noise coming from the locked room (as every secret is locked behind closed doors) which also happens to be the room where the resentful mother (woman in black) hung herself in anguish at the death of her son; making the huge concept of a haunted room even more terrifying. This leaves you unable to forget about the creepiness of the bedroom along with the utter tragedy of the pain this mother would have went through with the death of her only child causing you to feel sympathetic at the same time as being horrified. This dreadful noise is from the world’s eeriest rocking chair moving on what seems to be its own accord, but of course it’s not as simple as a gust of wind nudging the chair, no it is the aggressive woman in black haunting anyone in her sights causing your mind to scream with complete fear as you become aware that something bad is going to happen with every change in the volume of the noise. This is the start of the terrifying episodes of faces appearing in every window, cobwebs hanging from the lights, mist hiding the escape routes and high pitched screams that you can’t help but scream back at. However this has all been done before with many other horror films such as Scream, The Ring and Paranormal activity with outburst of ghosts appearing when you least expect them.

Daniel Radcliffe famous for his role as the most beloved Harry Potter has certainly took a step in the right direction to carry on his acting career however he lacked face expressions throughout the film as he seemed like a confused teenager trying to act like a man. He does seem to give off an element of depression throughout the film which is what you would expect from a man who had lost his darling wife in such circumstances. His dialogue is flawed whenever he speaks which is not very often to say he is the MAIN CHARACTER but when he does it fails to reflect the level of maturity in which his character is meant to have. This makes me feel that he is too young for his role as a father and remorseful widow. His character also seems to be too close to his days in Harry Potter as you can imagine him pulling out his magic wand at any minute and casting a spell over this dreadful place. However he fitted his role with grace as he acted to a high standard considering it was his first time in a horror movie.

Overall the film is one worth watching as it will give you many sleepless nights while you look out for any sudden movement made by the Woman In Black in your own home. It is not one to see alone though as you will not be able to stop shaking from the fear that will be forever carved into your mind. This is a strong horror movie that will leave you dreading being home alone but the ending fails to leave you hanging the way more successful horrors do. 


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