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Little Rhino Little Rhino

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Genre: Children Stories



Status: Finished

Genre: Children Stories



Two animals a strong bond
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Two animals a strong bond

Chapter1 (v.1) - Little Rhino

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Two animals a strong bond

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 09, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 09, 2013




One day a little rhino was romping around in the forest.  He was just about to go looking for some juicy mango trees when…Swish!....


Chapter One Meet Little Rhino

 Meet Little Rhino.  He might look like an ordinary rhino but he’s not.  Little Rhino has a heart of a lion, though he may look plain and ugly, he is beautiful on the inside. 


One day a little rhino was romping around in the forest.  He was just about to go looking for some juicy mango trees when…Swish!....Little Rhino found himself being hoisted into the air, by one leg, he turned his head desperately only to see the Rhino Hunters or “RH”,  everyone called them “RH” as the name was too terrible to say out loud. “ Oh No!” thought  Little Rhino.  Little Rhino tried furiously to tear himself out of the thick net with his horn, but the RH were ready for him. “Clink!Fling!Clink!Fling!” Two tiny tranquiliser darts hit Little Rhino and pierced his skin as he collapsed in a heap. The RH loaded Little Rhino into a van and drove off into the not so pretty sunset.


Chapter Two Where does Little Rhino go?

 At last the RH van stopped, two RH workers arrived on the scene strained as they struggled to lug Little Rhino out of the trailer, the most senior worker, who had been driving the van got out of the van and locked it with a Clunk!  He then helped the two struggling workers drag the sleepy Little Rhino into the smallest enclosure.Then all three workers walked home making rude comments about overweight rhinos all the way.


Little Rhino woke with a start.  “I don’t like it here I want to go home”.  He thought  the instant he opened his eyes. He was fed a disgusting breakfast of mouldy grass when he wanted mangoes.  After breakfast an important looking man came to his enclosure. “Move Creature!” he yelled. Little Rhino got up wearily what does he want, Little Rhino wondered.  The important looking man was looking angry as he summoned one of the other workers who led Little Rhino out of his enclosure. The important looking man produced a whip and began beating Little Rhino for all he was worth. “Ow!Oww!OOWWW!!”


Chapter Three What happens next to Little Rhino and the important looking man?

“Perhaps this will teach you a lesson you ugly beast! The important looking man yelled between whips. The terrible beating lasted a whole hour and to make things worse, two workers started clapping along to whips chanting “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!”

“Now will you do as you are told creature!?”Little Rhino’s bum was very sore by now so he did as he was told and began romping unhappily around the dusty ground. “Faster! Faster” The important looking man commanded but Little Rhino couldn’t go any faster so he tried to stay at the a same pace he was running at.  Just for that he was told to stop running so the important looking man could beat him . By the time the important looking man had finished beating him, his bum a red as if he had been sitting on a bed of porcupines.  “Put the creature back into his enclosure!” The important looking man yelled at the two workers as Little Rhino lumbered slowly and painfully back to his enclosure and they moved to lock him back in.  “Oh No! When will I ever be free?” thought Little Rhino.


Chapter Four Little Rhino makes some friends

When Little Rhino woke up the next morning, he was surrounded by small creatures in enclosures.  The creatures didn’t seem to be enjoying their imprisoned time any more than Little Rhino was. 


Suddenly the creature in the enclosure next to him slithered up. “Hiss” Little Rhino looked round to see a green snake with ruby red dots imprinted on its body.  Luckily Little Rhino had been taught how to understand every animal of the jungle when he still lived with his family and friends.  He knew very well that the snake had said; “Hi my name Rubyella. I don’t like it here and the food is terrible.  Will you help me escape?” Little Rhino also knew how to respond to every animal in the jungle so he said; “I could try but we might not succeed with only the two of us.”  “That’s ok” Rubyella replied “I have my whole family trapped with me”.  “At least you know your family are safe, I have no way of knowing” thought Little Rhino sadly.  As if she had read his mind Rubyella said “Well, we will stick together till we have escaped”.
















Chapter Five Rubyella and Little Rhino make plans.

That afternoon Rubyella and Little Rhino spent most of their time thinking of ways to escape. “What if I distract the RH while you unlock yourself with your horn Little Rhino?” “That would never work because how would you and your family escape?”

“No, I have much better idea, my family taught me how to make fire by rubbing my horn on metal. These cage bars are surely metal enough I will melt bars by setting light to them”. 

“So we will escape at night?” asked Rubyella looking worried.  “Of course we will that’s the safest time”, said Little Rhino. 

“Now all I have to do is to persuade my family to escape with me” said Rubyella.

“Ok go and tell your family to come with us. Come on! Rubyella!”


Chapter Six The Big Argument

“ Mum! Dad! Come quickly” yelled Rubyella. Two identical snakes slivered out from behind a log “ what do you want Rubyella?” “Lower your voice and come to the end of our enclosure” said Rubyella . “Now listen to me and Little Rhino please?” “ Ok, listen  Little Rhino and I have decided to escape and you are coming with us”

“No way” said Rubyella’s dad “ Never ever” said Rubyella’s mum. “ Ok will you just calm down and listen?” said Little Rhino “ I am going to make a fire and melt the bars of my enclosure then I will do the same to yours.” “ Ok, we will go along with this plan but only to prove that it will never work” said Rubyella’s mum and dad in unison. “Right well that’s sorted now I think, we had all better take a long nap so we have enough energy to escape tonight.” “Right you are” said Rubyella and everyone settled down for a long nap.


Chapter Seven The Escape preparations  begin

Little Rhino woke up at 6.00pm he shook Rubyella awake. “Get up get up!” he yelled. Rubyella scrambled to her tail and woke up her mum and dad. “Right.  I think we will be able to escape at 9.00pm because we have a lot of things to prepare” said Little Rhino.  “First I have to check if this fire thing really works” muttered Little Rhino to himself .  He rubbed his horn on the metal bars which started to get a bit warmer and several minutes later and to everyone’s delight a flame licked at the bars.


“ Right Rubyella collect as much of that disgusting grass as you can because we will need something to eat while we are escaping” said Little Rhino. “I’m on it” said Rubyella and she began collecting the disgusting grass and tying them into neat little bundles with more disgusting grass.


Chapter Eight the actual escape begins.

The clock struck 9.00pm all the RH workers had left for the day. “Ok here we go” said Little Rhino.  He charged forward and rubbed his horn against the bars. The flame licked at the bars once, twice and yes! The bars began to melt and bend. “Way to go little rhino” cheered Rubyella’s family. “ I’m free I’m free” chanted Little Rhino “ hang on guys I’ll get you out of there in two secs.” Little Rhino charged against Rubyella’s enclosure and rubbed his horn against the bars once again the flame licked the bars once, twice and yay! They were free. “Where shall we go now” Rubyella asked, “ hmm… Where indeed?” murmured Little Rhino, thoughtfully.


Chapter Nine Where do Rubyella and Little Rhino go?

“Well I’ve already got all my family with me” said Rubyella “I’ll feel mean just leaving you out here all by yourself.  I will reunite you with your family”. “If you insist” said Little Rhino “though it will probably take ages to track them down”.


So Rubyella, her family and Little Rhino set off towards the forest. But to Little Rhino’s despair the forest was is ruins by the time he and Rubyella had reached it. There were birds squawking in distress.


Suddenly Rubyella’s mum flopped down on the floor and mumbled “I can’t possibly go on”. “Ma! Ma! What’s the matter?” Rubyella shouted in her ear. “Get me to Dr. Slippery” she mumbled before flopping down on Rubyella’s dad.  Rubyella looked at her dad “What’s wrong with her Pa?” “We must get her to Dr Slippery straight away” said Rubyella’s dad looking very pale. “ I know how to deal with this- stay right here” said Little Rhino.  Little Rhino ran up to a mango tree and bumped into it a mango tree leaf fell. Little Rhino grasped it and ran to where Rubyella was “put her on this” he said breathless from running.  Rubyella and Rubyella’s dad struggled to put Rubyella’s mum onto the mango tree leaf. “There” said Little Rhino “ I will grasp one end, Rubyella grab the other” “ and you slither next to Rubyella’s mum.” Said Little Rhino pointing to Rubyella’s dad.


Chapter Ten What happens to Rubyella’s mum?

Rubyella and Little Rhino struggled with the weight of Rubyella’s mum. “What way are we going Little Rhino?” Rubyella asked.  She had never been invited to any of the appointments her mum had had previously. So she had never seen or heard of Dr Slippery and quite clearly did not know the way. “ We have a long journey to Dr Slippery’s clinic we must travel all night” said Little Rhino unhappily.





“Won’t we get a chance to rest?” inquired Rubyella’s dad . “ No” answered Little Rhino sounding even unhappier. So Rubyella and Little Rhino lumbered on with Rubyella’s mum on the makes-shift mango leaf stretcher. “We will have to travel north for most of the night then we travel east at the fork, just as the moon starts going down” directed Little Rhino. With that he increased his lumber to a trot and Rubyella increased her slow slithering to a speedier method of slithering. Rubyella’s dad however began to slow down even more.  At which point he thought it was a good idea to jump onto the stretcher as well, without warning, Rubyella and Little Rhino collapsed under the extra weight, unconscious.


Chapter Eleven Rubyella and little rhino finally manage to get Rubyella’s mum to Dr Slippery.

When Rubyella and Little Rhino finally gained conscious they continued to lug Rubyella’s mum.  Luckily when they had collapsed unconscious they were not far off from the clinic so they arrived a short while later. “At last !” said Rubyella they set Rubyella’s mum on the floor and rapped at the door. Suddenly a snake slithered to the door and opened it “Hello?” he wheezed. “This is Dr Slippery” said Little Rhino proudly Dr Slippery appeared to be bright blue with bright green spots imprinted on him.

Rubyella and Little Rhino lugged Rubyella’s mum inside,  Rubyella quietly hissed at her dad to wait outside. This he did gladly as Rubyella’s dad was not fond of clinics or hospitals or doctors either, now he thought about it. When Rubyella and Little Rhino had staggered inside with Rubyella’s mum Dr Slippery asked what the problem was, “ She just collapsed we were helping Little Rhino here to find his family and she just collapsed in the forest” Rubyella explained and Little Rhino filled in the gaps. “I see what has happened here” said Dr Slippery “ she has fainted of lack of sleep”. “Get to a nice cosy place to sleep for a day or two” “ Goodbye!”







Chapter Twelve Finding a cosy place to sleep

“What’s wrong with her ? What did Dr Slippery say?” Asked Rubyella’s dad. “Dr Slippery said she has fainted from lack of sleep we must find her a cosy place to sleep for a day or two” Little Rhino repeated the doctor’s advice. “We must follow the doctor’s orders” mumbled Rubyella’s dad.


This time rather surprisingly he grasped one end of the stretcher himself and demanded Rubyella grasp the other end.  Leaving Little Rhino to trot up beside Rubyella’s mum and to make sure she wasn’t choking while regaining consciousness.  After some speedy slithering and trotting they found a rather cosy clearing made by the tree  branches twined together.  Little Rhino helped Rubyella and Rubyella’s dad to haul Rubyella’s mum inside the den. They set Rubyella’s mum down the floor still on the stretcher and settled down for a nap for a goodnight’s sleep.


Chapter Thirteen Rubyella’s mum wakes up!

“What? Where am I? muttered Rubyella’s mum. “It’s ok darling you fainted from lack of sleep, you’ll be fine ”said Rubyella’s dad . “ Little rhino and I brought you to this cosy, warm den ”said Rubyella.  Rubyella’s mum’s stomach grumbled “ I’m hungry” Rubyella’s mum complained. “ Here Ma. I brought some of that disgusting grass food they gave when we were trapped”. “Thanks darling you’re a star!” Rubyella’s mum mumbled she took one mouthful of the disgusting grass food and choked.


Little Rhino ran off he returned with a mango tree leaf full of water and handed it to Rubyella’s mum. She took it gratefully and gulped down the contents. Then with extraordinary effort she began to slither around the den, Rubyella supporting her mother. Slowly and steadily they began to make their way out of the den.  A couple of times Rubyella’s mum slipped but Rubyella propped her up and continued to support her slithering round the forest.  


As they slithered round looking for Little Rhino’s family, Little Rhino couldn’t help worrying about them. They looked for about two hours before Little Rhino decided they should find something to eat. “ We don’t want your mum fainting again do we?” Little Rhino asked Rubyella.


Chapter Fourteen Rubyella’s mum cooks a delicious mango feast

“ No we most certainly don’t want Mum fainting again” said Rubyella. “ I think I am well enough to make my special mango feast” piped up Rubyella’s mum. “Alright mother but don’t strain yourself” said Rubyella. “ But if you’re cooking Little rhino and I will get the ingredients for you-you rest here with pa”. “ You just need lots of juicy mangoes” said Rubyella’s mum.  Rubyella and Little Rhino dashed off into the forest Rubyella caught the mangoes that Little Rhino was knocking off the trees, by charging into their trunks headlong.  After a couple of hours of knocking mangoes from trees and catching them they had a very large and juicy selection of mangoes. They hurtled back to Rubyella’s parents and delivered the mangoes.   Rubyella’s dad was very good at fire starting and he made a nice big fire.  Rubyella’s mum made a lovely mango feast ,it was the best one he had ever tasted. It was even better the one Little rhino’s parents made before he was captured.




Chapter Fifteen Little Rhino gets injured

“ I feel like going for a walk now don’t you?” asked Little Rhino. “No, I think I will look after ma and pa for a bit but you can go, we will stay here” replied Rubyella.


 Little Rhino began to wonder around the forest he was just thinking where his parents could be when… “Ouch!” Said little rhino something pinched at his tail. He turned to see what it was and saw a red rhino biter ant scuttling away. Little Rhino whined with pain and he decided to go straight back to Rubyella’s family and complain to them about what had happened. After he was through complaining to Rubyella’s family, Rubyella’s mum got up and rubbed little rhino’s bite with a mango tree leaf and it felt much better.






 Rubyella’s mum explained how the mango tree leaf had sucked out the poison the red rhino biter ant had injected into him. Rubyella’s mum said that he would be unable to travel much for a whole day and a whole night otherwise he might faint.  She added he was far too big to carry if he did faint and so it wasn’t worth the risk.


Little Rhino was quite disappointed at this but agreed that he should go back to the den accompanied by Rubyella’s family of course and rest for a day or two. So that’s just what they did of course everyone settled down because other than these unfortunate incidents there hadn’t  scheduled any rest time into their travel plans.


Chapter Sixteen Caring for Little Rhino

For a couple of days Little Rhino was treated like a prince.  “ Here let me plump up your mango leaf pillows”, said Rubyella doing so. “Is your rhino biter ant bite still sore?” asked Rubyella.  Yes but I will probably be back on my feet by tonight”. 

“I admire your braveness Little Rhino” hissed Rubyella shyly.  After a few hours he began huffing and puffing and was eventually standing on his own four stubby feet.  Suddenly he felt great and began galloping around the den laughing and giggling loudly, “I am better, I am better”! Then he hesitated a bit, “But I couldn’t have done it without you”, giving Rubyella a shy kiss.  Rubyella blushed so red that her ruby dots seemed to disappear, but she returned the compliment and gave him a quick peck back.


As Little Rhino was suddenly feeling very energetic and bright they decided to continue their journey onwards.

Then….Wait!!Are those my parents Little Rhino thought he saw familiar shapes in the distance.


Chapter Seventeen Little Rhino finds his parents.

Little Rhino raced towards his parents as they raced towards him.  “Little Rhino, where have you been?” exclaimed his mother.  I was captured by the RH but luckily I met Rubyella and she helped me to escape.”  He leaned closer and whispered, “ I think I might love Rubyella, please may I marry her?”. Then she crept closer to Little Rhino’s father and whispered something, he looked over to Little Rhino and gave a little nod.  Then as a family they walked over to Rubyella family and Little Rhino asked Rubyella’s father for Rubyella’s hand or rather tail in marriage.  Rubyella’s father hissed his agreement.  So it was settled and Little Rhino and Rubyella went for a little walk to celebrate, whilst their parents made polite conversation and wondered privately about how much the wedding would cost.

© Copyright 2017 Kate Mint. All rights reserved.


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