What I Want to Say

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At the end of my science GCSE I had half an hour to spare so I wrote a version of this on some paper I had. Unfortunately the original was taken away by an invigilator as scrap. So when I got home I wrote a new version of my poem and I think this version is better than the original. It's basically about everything that a couple need and want to know but are to scared to ask each other in case they don't like the answer they get.

And to anyone who thinks I should have been doing my Scienece paper, I passed Science with an A*....

Submitted: June 14, 2007

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Submitted: June 14, 2007



My heart is slowly filling
With things I want to say
Things I need to ask you
That I won't get round to today.

Every time I see you
I tell myself I will
But there are gaps in our magic world
That I don't want to fill.

One day I will ask you
If what you say is real
Or if all you say to me
Is a pretence of how you feel.

And one day the gaps will be filled
With things we both will say
And any doubts we may have had
Will magically fade away.

The doubts we held about our love
And whether we were true
Of whether or not to trust it
And that the other loves us to.

And on that very special day
Our love will be unveiled
And we will never remember
That once it nearly failed.

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