Under the Rug

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If you don’t know the story of Harris Burdick, you should take a look. But the jist of it is that he turned in 14 drawings or so that went with these short stories he wrote that he wanted to get published. The publisher thought they were awesome and wanted to see the stories, but Harris Burdick then disappeared. So there are just 14 awesome pictures with one line captions to go with each, but no one knows the stories. So in our creative writing class we were to fill in the blanks. I choose Under The Rug

Submitted: August 27, 2015

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Submitted: August 27, 2015



~~The letter came with the first mail on Tuesday morning. It was addressed exactly like this-

To: Maria Potter
13 Blanchland, Northumberland, England
From: Mark Anderson

“Well my name isn’t Maria, but my last name is Potter and this is our address.”
“Olivia, don’t read it! It isn’t addressed to you! And there hasn’t been a Maria in our family for over 100 years.”
“How do you know that Charles?”
“I did a report on our family tree about a year ago. Ok, don’t read it tonight, I mean what if it’s another horror story like last time.”
“Relax Charles, I’m not going to open it right now. It’s probably just another fan, I’ll read it tomorrow.”
“Goodnight Maria, I’m going to retire for the night.” Charles said ending their prior conversation.
 Later that night, Charles was still awake wondering what was in the envelope. He crept down the stairs carefully avoiding the creaky 4th step. The letter was just lying on the dining-room table. Grabbing a dull knife from the kitchen, he sliced open the envelope. Inside, he saw a crinkled water stained piece of parchment paper. The paper read:

Dear Maria,
This is our 47th letter conversing, and knowing how much you love my handwriting, I apologize for I seem to have broken both my right thumb and wrist. It is nearly impossible to write, and my handwriting looks sloppy and deranged. I regret to inform you that something terrible has happened. It stopped and I thought it was over, but two weeks passed and it happened again. I am scared for my life, or at least my sanity. So I am passing on most of this curse to you, as you are the only one I know who can break it.
Mark Anderson
P.S. This message is only for the eyes of Maria Potter. Please burn this so no one else will read it. Another paper is included with the events that happened.

 Charles looked at the front of the envelope that the letter came in and then flipped it over. At the bottom right corner was a label:
Recipient was not reached
for a prolonged period
of time. Please resend.

Charles looked into the envelope. There was another paper.
Maria here is a detailed account, from my journal, of what happened:
8 weeks ago:
There is a bump under the Persian rug in the parlor. I tried hitting it with a broom, but the broom passed through it. It went away the next day.
6 weeks ago:
The bump came back, but this time it was moving. This time I hit it with a chair. It knocked over the table with the lamp on it and the rug caught fire. I ran to the kitchen for a bucket of water, and put the fire out. By that time my wife Hazel was yelling at me. I tried to explain that the bump had knocked over the lamp over, and by then the bump was gone.
4 weeks ago:
The bump finally showed its face, literally and figuratively. It came back, and this time it was not just a bump. It was the silhouette of a man, and it was knocking everything over. It found a pair of scissors and a letter opener. It went after me! I swear it was trying to kill me.
2 weeks ago:
The bump came back again today. It’s been coming back every two weeks. I fear it will kill me soon. I’ve been a good person, I don’t understand why it’s after me. This time I just stayed right in the middle of my bed talking to it, and myself. My wife Hazel thinks I am crazy. I told the bump, that the only reason I had swatted at it to start with because I thought it was the wretched cat that usually lives next door.
The bump went after me again. This time it almost killed me with a knife from the kitchen. I need you to help me Maria!!!  I don’t think I’ll live much longer. Please! Please! Please help me!!!
After Charles finished reading the second paper, he stuffed the papers back into the envelope, and jogged up the stairs to hide the letter.

2 weeks later:
 Charles was in his room, studying for midterms for his last year of high school, when he felt a bump rise up under his chair. It unbalanced him, and his face met the floor. The bump sat there, right where his chair was supposed to sit. He moved all of his studying materials to his bed. Charles was about to resume studying when he thought to search online for Mark Anderson.
Mark Anderson-
Born: September 17th 1859
Died: August 16, 1882
Lived: Langley, England – a small village outside London England
Worked: An apprentice to a typesetter.
Charles got back to his homework and didn’t mention anything of it to Olivia.

4 ½ months later:
 Charles was still being tormented by the bump, but he hadn’t said a word about it to Olivia. He was hoping that the bump wouldn’t follow him all the way to New York for college. After a sorrow filled goodbye to Charles, Olivia began cleaning Charles’ pigsty of a room. After a few days, she reached his desk, but could go no further.She promised herself that she would come back to it. Meanwhile in New York, Charles got a rude awakening. The bump would never stop torturing him. About 2 months later Olivia finally got back to cleaning Charles’ room. His desk was crowded, but she wanted to go through everything to make sure nothing important would be lost. Slowly but surely, Olivia made her way through his desk. Piled under a lot of old exam study sheets she found the envelope and Mark Anderson’s cursed letter. Reading through the papers, she learned about the curse. It was then that she remembered what her great-grandmother had told her grandmother, and her grandmother had told her mother, and her mother had told her. Maria Potter was the famous Harry Potter’s daughter, meaning Olivia was a witch. While Olivia had been reading the letters, the bump had been torturing Charles. The next day, Charles Potter was found dead in his dorm room. Apparently the bump had won. It took two months for the bump to kill Mark Anderson, but because of its captivity, it took seven months for the bump to kill Charles Potter. Both deaths were ruled suicide by the police. Who knows, maybe the bump curse drove them insane. Watch out for the next bump under your rug. You might be next.

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