The Disappearance

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Submitted: March 24, 2016

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Submitted: March 24, 2016



Tommy arrived at the Magical Land of Wizards. He knew he would love it there and have a great time at Wizard School. He was so excited to start a new life and make new friends. Before Tommy arrived he was at a different wizard school where he was being bullied and did not do very well in school. Now that he moved he believes he can start off fresh and make friends. Of course he was a little nervous to start off at a new school with different kids, but he was mostly very excited. It was his first day of school and his first class, spell casting class, went pretty good and he was smart in that subject. He didn’t have any troubles finding his way through the school but he did have problems going from wand class to potions class. The hallway between the two classes was like a maze. He was late everyday to that class and he didn’t know how. If he keeps showing up late he’s going to fail. Potions class wasn’t his strongest subject, in fact he was horrible at it. He would always get everything mixed up and it would all go wrong. Every class has this really smart kid and in Tommy's potions class his name is John. Tommy thought that if he wanted to do good in school and show how smart he is to his parents he should ask that guy to help since he wasn’t learning anything from the teacher. So the day after potions class, which he was late to again, he went up to John and asked if he would help him study.

John said “Sure, when do you want to start.”

“How about after school tomorrow?” replied Tommy.

John answered “That’s fine, I’ll bring over some books to study with.”

John and Tommy started to become close friends and always got along and had fun together.

The first day of studying went pretty good but John could tell Tommy needed a lot of help. So before John left he said,

“How about tomorrow we go into the school and use some stuff there to help you?”

Tommy answered “Okay I guess, but how will it help me?”

“We can mix together the different potions and help you identify which are which and understand them more.” said John.

“Fine with me” said Tommy.


The next day Tommy and John met up after school and snuck into the potions room. So far everything was going fine and no one saw them. They were sneaking around the school like a spies. When they finally reached the potions room they got out all the supplies they needed to help them. John got an idea to experiment and make a potion to help him better understand what to do. He had Tommy put everything in the cup but that was a mistake since Tommy didn’t know what to put in so he plopped in random stuff. The next thing they knew the funky potion he made blew up. They didn’t know what happened but everything seemed to be normal so they didn’t worry. They continued on with their studying but after he made up that mysterious potion John didn’t let him touch or try out any other potions. After they were done they noticed that everything was really quiet which seemed odd. So, after they finished, they walked out of the school and noticed no one was outside playing. It was a beautiful day and normally all the kids are outside playing. Even though they both were curious and a little freaked out they both walked home. When they both got to Tommy’s house to drop him off, it was still so quiet and peaceful. When Tommy walked inside no one was home and they were supposed to be home then. Tommy ran out the door screaming as loud as he could and he knew something was up. Tommy asked John if his family was home and his wasn’t either so they went around the whole town looking for anyone, but there was no one. That’s when Tommy and John found out they were the only people left in the Magical Land of Wizards. It was just the two of them standing as silent as could be and there was no one anywhere close by to help. They had no idea where anyone went or how they disappeared, but they knew they needed to find out.

Tommy said in fear, “What is happening and where did everyone go. I need to see my family again.”

John replied “I need to see my family too so we need to figure out how this happened, and how to stop it.”

They started to exam everything they ever saw in the Land of Wizards and maybe they could find a clue as to what happened. When they didn’t find anything they sat by a tree in silence hearing nothing but the cool breeze of the wind and the soft chirping of the birds. Out of the blue they heard a weird sizzling sound coming from the school. They both jumped up and started to head toward it. As they got closer their bodies started sweating and they were feeling really nervous about doing this. They reached the school and down the hall they saw the door to the potions room wide open so they crept closer to it. They looked inside the room and they couldn’t recognize what they saw. In the center of the room was tons of bubbles floating out of the same cylinder cup that Tommy used to study with. It was the cup he mixed random stuff together and then it exploded. They figured that that was probably what made everyone disappear since they don’t know what else could have done it. Feeling ashamed and scared the two of them had to think of a brilliant way to get everyone back using the magic they knew. They started opening up textbooks, flying through them trying to find a solution quickly. A loud boom made them both stop what they're doing. When they turned around, two giant dragons came spilling out of the bubbles from the cup. Frozen in fear, neither of them moved until the dragons started coming towards them. Both of them knew the only way to get their family back was to fight them off.

Tommy yelled across the room “What are we going to do? We can’t fight these things. We’re both going to die.”

“Don’t worry. Just believe you can do it and use what magic you know.” replied John

After dodging these dragons and running around like crazy, John had an idea.

“I know what we can do.” said John

“Well then tell me already I’m getting worn out.” answered Tommy.

“We both need to come together and use our magic together.” shouted John.

“Ok, how about you come to me.” said Tommy

So John flew past the dragons and soon reached Tommy.

“So, what spell are we going to use?” asked Tommy.

John replied “Do you remember the spell Mr. Bonga told us about?”

“Yeah, I think so.” answered Tommy.

“The only way to fight off these dragons is to use the pair spell.” said John.

“The pair spell? I don’t know what to do though I just came to this school.” Tommy said.

“We have to give it a try. It’s the only way to get our families back.” John answered.

“Ok fine, let’s fight these dragons.” replies Tommy.

So when they both got their focus back they joined together and raised their hands and spoke the pairs spell. The power and force from each of them blew the dragon's back into the bubbles that were pouring out of the cup. They both couldn’t believe what they just did. Even though they were really excited and pumped, they had to keep going and find out how to get everyone back. First they put a bag over the cup so nothing else could start flying out of the bubbles, and they made sure it was on there good and strong. Out of the blue a voice came from the blue bubbles under the bag. They couldn’t understand much of what it was saying so they took off the bag that they had just put on to cover the cup. After they opened it up, bubbles came spilling out and a face started to form through the fog of the bubbles. Tommy and John were surprised at what they saw. Then the face started to speak.

It said, “Hello young children I am the greatest wizard of all, here to guide you through the mess you made. I’m sure you must know who I am, my name is Awrum, the greatest wizard to ever live. It’s come to my attention that you are in some serious trouble. I shall give you some instructions on how to fix your problem. So, what is the problem here?”

Both of the boys were shocked at what was happening. Neither of them knew what to say. John shoved Tommy in front so he would have to tell what happened.

Tommy answered, “Um...well...we were studying and mixed some random stuff together and the next thing we know everyone has disappeared. We have no idea how to fix it and we are so sorry.”

Tommy started to cry and feel ashamed for what he did.

Awrum replied hesitant, “Well, this is a pretty hard problem to solve but I do know one way to solve it.”

“Ok, what is it?” asked Tommy.

“Well there's a little riddle you have to solve. Here it is:

First you climb up the Mountain

Where you’ll meet a fellow housemen,

He shall treat you with a gift

Then you leave and fight with your fist,

You take the gift to the bubbles

And say these words so there’s no more troubles

“Reverse the spell that made everyone gone, bring everyone back before it reaches dawn.”

“That’s it, that’s all you have to do.” said Awrum, “oh and you have to say it before sunrise or else it won’t work.”

“I think we can figure it out.” explained Tommy.

“First we have to go to a mountain. I’m guessing it’s Witchfall Mountain since that’s the biggest and strongest mountain here,” added John.

“Well okay then let’s go.”


As they finally reached the mountain they spotted a big hairy beast. The only way to get up the mountain was to sneak by it and not let it catch them. So that’s just what they did. They made a run for it when the beast wasn’t looking and sprinted around to the other side of the mountain. John however was a little slower than Tommy and just when the beast turned around, John was standing right in front of him. John started to run as fast as he could but the beast kept gaining on him. Tommy had to do something. He shot out his hands and two giant fireballs can spiraling out and blasted the big thing in the head. They both couldn’t believe what he just did. Now that that was over they continued heading up the steep and narrow mountain.

“Dude that was awesome how did you do that?” exclaimed John.

“I honestly have no idea.” replied Tommy.

“Well let’s keep going we need to get everyone back and stop what we did.” added John.

When they reached the top of the mountain they were trying to look for a housemen. They had no idea where he was going to be but then they heard a weird voice coming from a hole in the mountain. They looked down and saw a tiny little troll sitting on the rocks talking to fruit.

Tommy and John yelled down “Hey are you the housemen that’s supposed to give us a gift?”

“Maybe,” said the troll, “why do you need me?”

“We need you to give us a gift since we made everyone disappear.” mumbled Tommy.

“The only way you can get the gift, is to get me out of this hole and find me a better place to live since it’s horrible down here. Then if you succeed you may get your precious gift.” explained the troll.

“Ok fine let’s get you out of here.” replied John.

When the got down the mountain John and Tommy started gathering as many sticks as they could, and as fast as they could, so they could build this troll a better house. When they thought they had enough, they went back up the mountain and started building a nice house on an even part of the mountain for the troll.

A couple hours later they both finished building the troll a nice lovely home. The troll accepted the house and then it was time to give them the gift. All three of them went into the hole and right in front of them was an entire wall of shiny diamond crystals.

The troll spoke to them in a calm voice, “You must take one of these crystals and say the spell. It is the only way to reverse it.”

“Ok, we will pick this one.” said John pointing to the shiny pink crystal on the wall.

“Alright if that’s what you chose.” replied the troll handing the crystal to John.

“Thank you. We should go now.” said Tommy.

“Ok, thank you for the house.” yelled the troll as they were both leaving the mountain.


When Tommy and John got back to the school they ran through the hallways and went into the room. The face was gone by then and they knew they had to hurry.


John took the crystal and held it high up by the bubbles and spoke the spell:

“Reverse the spell that made everyone gone, bring everyone back before it reaches dawn.”


They waited for something to happen but everything just stayed still and didn’t change.

Tommy decided to give it a try so he spoke the spell next:

“Reverse the spell that made everyone gone, bring everyone back before it reaches dawn.”


Once again nothing happened. They were starting to feel beaten up and ashamed but they decided to give it a try with both of them saying it and holding it at the same time. They had no time to spare so they went for it.


They both spoke the spell:

“Reverse the spell that made everyone gone, bring everyone back before it reaches dawn.”


Then something magical happened. The blue bubbles burst and disappeared like a crazy magic act. The whole room started to glow, but then in a split second, it all went away and there were no more bubbles. Everything was back to normal and everyone was there and happy.

“We did it,” cried John as they stepped out the school and saw everyone there, “We got everyone back!”

“I knew we could do it,” added Tommy, “We just had to work together.”

Tommy and John got to see their families, and after that incident, they both paid better attention and listened in class. Tommy was no longer failing and was happy as could be. Tommy and John became close friends and had lots of fun together. John would still help him in classes but they were really careful now. Awrum was still around watching and helping when anything went wrong. Everyone lived happily ever, after including the troll.


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