Bleeding To Death

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
Depression poem.
Warning: Talks about blood

Submitted: December 08, 2013

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Submitted: December 08, 2013



The cold, frigid wind blows against my face with fury

It pushes me on, whistling through my core

I stumble through the dirt with frozen feet and a drunken gait

My eyes are closed and tears sting at my face

I can't help but grimace and scream into the night

My heart has been ripped out of my chest by claws so sharp

Blood gushes from the open wound and puddles at my feet

In a sloppy, burning hot mess that drips down my side

Yet I feel nothing, no pain, no sorrow, just completely broken

Unable to wince as the cold air blows inside and stings me to the bones

Now I see what they mean when they say you have a cold heart

Everything about me, of me, around me, is dead

My lungs are blackened with air that breathes no more

My voice is scratced and I cannot utter a sound

Hurt from years of endless and bitter screaming

My eyes no longer open they've cried for so long

The acidic tears burn down my face and mold away at the flesh

Leaving a bloddy, fleshless face of just broken bones

And lost spirit

So I just wander on, stumbling and tumbling

I ignore their jaunts, their cruel words, their hate

I ignore their judging eyes as they watch me, the monster, walk by

I just wander on to the best I can

Yet I just keep falling and tumbling on the rocks of life

Skinned up knees and bleeding palms

I rub my hands together yet feel no pain as blood smears across my skin

I'm a walking skeleton

With no mind to spare

I might as well be dead

For as much you're getting out of me now

There's nothing left of me now, this beast

Just a bloody, bruised and broken wound

There's no hope for a ruined piece like me

When did it ever go this wrong

So why don't you just sit back and laugh with the others

As I stumble on in the frigid air and dark, evil night

For that's all I am worth and all I will become

A broken girl of death in the night.

© Copyright 2020 katelyn8000. All rights reserved.

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