It is about a boy who has a dream. Only a dream. When his parents are killed in a car-wreck he is left alone to decide his fate. Will he survive what he chooses?

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My name is Jesse. I am eleven years old, with dirty- blond hair, and brown eyes. I live in a little private area at the mountains.I was siting on the couch reading my favorite book ERAGON when the phone rang. I froze, hearing it's ringechoe the whole house. Slowly I stand up, walking over to the phone, it's annoying ringing pounding in my head, and I lift it to my ear.

"Hello?" "Hello, are you Jesse Stevens?" A scratchy voice barked out.

"Yes. Who are you?"

"An agency worker at the head orphanage of England. Your parents... had a car crash. They flipped off the side of a mountain, to be found dead. I'm sorry. Do you know of any family relations?" The voice told him, as if he didn't care that his parents were dead. I stumbled backwards, dropping the phone. I couldn't believe it, yet I knew it was, I started screaming and crying.

"Mum! Dad! Come back! I need you! Don't leave me here!" I screamed over and over. I pulled myself to the chair and screamed. "Come back! I need you Mummy! Daddy! Come on, this can't be real!" I sobbed and sobbed, sitting in a puddle of tears I wished that would take me away. Turning over I noticed the newspaper. On the front page read an article, EPIC CRASH.

"Hello? Jesse... it's okay." I heard another voice say. It wasn't from the phone. Someone pounded on the door. "Jessie!" The person screamed. I looked at the door.

"Mum? Who is there?" I asked.

"No, no, no it's Mrs. Buncsh your neighbor. Please let me in, I need to talk to you." She calmly replied. I bet she heard my crying and screaming. Sniffling I stood up and opened the door. When she saw my teary face, she looked startled. She walked in, shut the door and hugged me, while I cried on her shoulder. "You poor thing. Who are you going to live with?"

"I don't know, I don't want to live with anyone but my Mummy and Daddy." I hadn't said those words in so long, Mummy and Daddy, but I didn't care, I would do anything to get them back. My eyes strayed to the picture on the wall, we had been dressed in blue, taking our spring pictures, I remembered how angry I was at them, for I hadn't wanted to get my picture taken. Just the memory made me cry another gallon of water.

"I know dear, well you must live with someone." Her eyes glanced outside and I noticed what she was thinking. Maybe I could live here alone? "Would you... do you have any aunts, uncles?" I shook my head no. "Grandparents? Cousins? Any family relation? A good friend?" I shook my head no. Mrs.- Buncsh reached for me again, and I shoved her away.

"Goodbye and leave me alone!" I yelled and burst in my room. We had been planing to go on a camping trip, so I had already packed a bag with everything in it. I grabbed the bag and some other stuff, then leaped out mybedroom window. Excitement filled me as I ran, as fast as possible, into the thick woods out back. I traveled like that for two hours, only stopping to drink, eat, one minute breaks and potty stops. I grinned, feeling a need to run, even though nobody was chasing me, yet.

I at last had to take a break. Plus it was sun-down, so I sat down on aold log. The trees gave off an eerie feeling, and the moss from the tree felt slimy beneath me. Glancing around I built a small fire, warming myself. Reaching in my navy blue book-bag I pulled out a picture of Mum and Dad, told them "God bless our food He so kindly gives us. God bless my future is bright, Amen." Then I dug out a turkey sandwich and ate it. My lunch-box had a freezer and heater, a very expensive lunch-box. Nothing anyone or I could say or do felt stupid to me now.

Once I finished, I yanked my big blue sleeping-bag out and lied on it. Yawning, I watched the stars twinkling above me. Is this how it would always be now?

"Grrrrrrrr." I jumped. Spinning around, pocket-knife in hand, I searched the trees. There stood, something black. It growled again then stepped away, into the moonlight. It looked up at me, with green eyes. then it looked at the moon and... howled. A wolf! Scrambling back to my sleeping bag, I hid under it, watching the wolf, he watching me. The wolf seemed to smile, then sat down right next to my sleeping bag, his eyes sparkling with amusement. I just looked into his eyes, and into his goofy grin. The wolf, sensing my anxiety, stood up and simply walked away, waiting for me to call him back, but I hadn't known that.

"Wait! I may have ham!" I shouted kindly. The wolf's eyes appeared again. He walked towards me, sniffing my hands. I tossed him a big chunk, which he gulped down mid-air. The wolf seemed satisfied. Watching him, I noticed the wolf was checking me out. I noticed his sly grin, and his amused emerald green eyes. He lowered his head, I wondered if he meant defeat. But no, he flopped down into sleep, nestling beside my body. I smiled, this was an understanding. Since I was exhausted too, I closed my eyes and fell into a deep sleep, deciding to trust him.


My eyes opened to a bright and sunny day, dew covered the grass and me, but it was warm, birds sang in the distance and... the forest was full of life. Deers enjoyed grass, while their young skipped in the meadow. Birds fluttered above my head, and I enjoyed ten minutes of watching a blue bird family learn how to fly. The stream beside me trinkled sweetly, while ducks showed their young the water for the first time, misquito fish happily swimming along. Today was a fine spring day! Then I remembered, the wolf! I flashed backwards, my eyes searching for the wolf.

There he sat, his eyes watching mine, his smile showing much pleasure. I could imagine him saying "Are you glad to have meet my world?" Sitting back, our eyes searched eachother, then he stood up, walked a few feet, then looked back to see if I followed. I searched him for trust, found it, so I stood up to follow him. Realizing I was following him, the wolf walked towards a huge oak tree. There, etched in scratchy letters, read AYACK.

"So your namer is Ayack? Nice name, for a wolf... I guess." The wolf seemed to smile and nod, but I was unsure if that was my imagination. I stretched my hand out, bravely, to see if he was tame. The wolf flinched and jumped back, but I did my best not to move, then Ayack seemed to trust me. He walked slowly to me, and pressed his black nuzzle into my hand... oh his fur was soft! I decided to lead the way, Ayack followed me, I walked to the nearby stream. Lowering my hand, the cool waters trickled on me, seeming to kiss my hand. I lowered my feet in the stream, and wadded in a few feet, only to see a huge fish. I stared at the blue fish, which swam to me, then away. Ayack looked up at me. I frowned, could I hand-catch this thing? It looked slow...

My hand darted out and caught the two foot long fish. I carried it out of the water to the shore, cut it open and started a fire. Ayack just looked at me with big eyes, while I cooked the fish. Watching him, I tossed him a piece, which he caught in the air and devoured.

"Great catch!" I shouted to him. Ayack's eyes twinkled with delightment. A blue jay pushed each of her babies off their nest, and I watched them fall. Worried I leapt to my feet to catch them. Ayack growled, so I hung back, and watched as the babies managed to flap their wings and fly back to the nest. 'Wow..." Ayack growled once more. What did that mean? I spun around and saw... a mountain-lion. It hissed, and strided towards me, baring her fangs. Jumping backwards, I scanned for a defence weapon, my knife was behind the lion.

Submitted: April 30, 2011

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I love this :D

Mon, May 2nd, 2011 7:27pm


Thank you for letting me know! I am so glad!!! I have updated, unless you read that!

Tue, May 3rd, 2011 2:59pm


Thanks! I will add more soon!

Tue, May 3rd, 2011 1:10am


So nice story :) kept me company i am ready to check your novels too :)

Wed, August 24th, 2011 10:42pm


awesome and thankx!

Mon, August 29th, 2011 12:24pm

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