The Magic War

The Magic War

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



It is about a young group of eight kids. One of them, their Master, has met a Spirit. And the spirit taught her magic. Now the group learns how, and faces a big challenge. How will these fifth graders save the world by only magic seen by their eyes?
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It is about a young group of eight kids. One of them, their Master, has met a Spirit. And the spirit taught her magic. Now the group learns how, and faces a big challenge. How will these fifth graders save the world by only magic seen by their eyes?

Chapter1 (v.1) - The Magic War

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It is about a young group of eight kids. One of them, their Master, has met a Spirit. And the spirit taught her magic. Now the group learns how, and faces a big challenge. How will these fifth graders save the world by only magic seen by their eyes?

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 01, 2011

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 01, 2011



It all started four years ago, when I met Madelyn, when I met Him. He is a wise spirit, one who does magic and helps others. He selected that time, in the summer, at that grove of trees. He choose to reveal himself to us, Katie and Alyssa. He choose us to help Him grow stronger; choose us to give the first magic to humans. He choose us to change the world. That was the time Madelyn and I started a game. One with imaginary goblins that would capture us. We played that game many times over the four seasons, year by year we never realized the things in the game started to happen.

When I met Madelyn, I met Him, the game started, and so did the magic.

“Hey! Madelyn! Come here, I have to tell you something!” I yelled to my neighbor Madelyn. Madelyn has brown hair, an ordinary nose and brown eyes. She has a sweet-funny expression and is always wearing bright colors. She grinned at me, jogged over her driveway and into my weedy lawn.

“Yes? Whatchya want?” Madelyn pondered.

“ Well…” I started to say then stopped. I was Katie, with long blond hair, excited blue eyes that change to green, a tall, skinny bodied girl. “Do you sense that?” she froze, then concentrated on finding her power. (Of course the spirit let me give her some, she knows all about it!) Her eyes widened, face went pale.

“Yes. Goblins, demons, evil spirits and dragons… all around us.” she responded, then shuddered. She paused, and looked around. They were surrounding me and her. I froze and asked the spirit,

What is going on!?

Hide! You must leave at once!… Hide, Danger! The spirit screamed at me. I relayed what He said to Madelyn and we both screamed in pure terror. We fled, racing across the earth into Madelyn’s garden, there we hid behind the Evergreen trees, leaning against the brick wall and panting for breath.

"What… do… you think… they want?” I questioned her, as I panted for breath. I sank to the pine-covered ground and stared ahead blankly.

“I… don’t know. We… need weapons,” she panted. I nodded, we both snuck out of the pines. We raced to my house, where I built a secret club in a bush, were we stored sharpened sticks. We each grabbed one, then fled to look for our battle-sticks. She found hers, but mine was gone. I started to get angry.

“Where is my Wisdom stick?!” I cried. We searched for a while, then I just grabbed another stick. I decided to use my strongest power, the sky. I turned the clouds on and looked. War, evilness. Thousands of them, goblins, giants, demons, everything! There would be war! Madelyn knew not to look into the sky, it would poison her forever. I relayed to her about the war and we both panicked. Grabbing her arm, yelling to the other magicians (There was five of us at the moment) they followed their Master (me) to the training area. I leapt atop the cement bench, our Inner-Peace area, and they began the chant.

“Hana, huna, hana hana, hana, huna , hana hana.” They chanted, circling around me. Once they were done I was the Queen of Magic! When I stepped down, wearing the magic robe and crown Madelyn beckoned me over.

“I watched you. When we began the chant, and you swung your arms into the positions, I actually saw light circle you, then go into your body.” Madelyn told be, looking at me with interest.

“Good observation. Now I am Queen, so everyone listen now! All I know, is that you must, or something terrible will happen!” I began low, then spoke out bold to the others. They looked up at me, frowning.

"Why shoukld we do that?" Asked a student, Matthew. He has brown hair, brown eyes and isn't a friendly boy, he always has a 'ha ha' expression.

"Because I just said so. Listen to your Master!" I angrily told him. He laughed at Dylan, my brother. Dylan is very stupid at times, with dark green eyes and blond hair, he always has a stupid expression. He is rude and a crybaby.

"I aint listen' to no girl!" He smirked. "Come on, Matthew! Lets leave this lammo party!" Matthew and him strolled away, smirking. Using my magic I wipped them back-wards and mind-told them Don't you dare disrespect me or don't go to bed tonight! Matthew glared at me, then walked over obediantly. Dylan was going to fight me.

He grabbed a stick, as I grabbed mine. The rough shaved stick jumped in my hands, as if ready to attack. My stick was heard as it flew through the air, just in time, Dylan blocked it. Good job I never taught any of them my secret moves. Spinning back-wards I lashed my stick towards his stomach, he leapt out of the way, hurling his stick at me. Easily I dodged the move. He snatched his stick and lashed again, hitting my leg. Instantly a huge bruise grew. Cursing quietly I used my magic, and the bruise vanished. He smirked again.

"Give up stupedo? You no you aint beatin' me?" He snapped. I grinned.

"No one wins against the Spirit." Using my magic, his stick lifted up and popped him on the head, then dashed to my outstreched arm. He cursed, loudly.

"Man, that really did make you a queen." Madelyn gasped, astonished. I grinned.

"So Dylan. Are you ready to respect me?"

"Come on Dylan!" The group moaned, cheering him to listen to his Master.

"Yes." He whispered. Of course my magic allowed me to hear him as loud as he spoke. Then a goblin charged at him, spear and fangs glistning in the sun.

"Dylan! Watch out!" Screamed Madelyn, but in her pure horror, she was too late. Everyone shielded their eyes, waiting for his scream of death to pierce their ears, but I stayed watching him... with a smile spread across my face. The yell never came, and slowly my students unseathed their eyes, starring in horror.

Blood dripped down his stick, from the limp and lifeless goblin that hung from it. Dylan shivered slightly, then fainted to the ground, the dead gobling landing atop him.

"Is he dead... Dylan?" A young pupil, Megan pondered. Megan was seven, with big black curls and large brown eyes.

"No silly, just... unconsious." Madelyn snapped at her litle sister. I glared at my students, which just stood there, having their own conversastions.

"Hello? Is anyone going to even pick him up!?" Everyone froze, looking at me, eight confused eyes.

(Dlan awoke, and was just fine.)


Jadah, another one of my students, followed me like a stray puppy. With long, messy, brown hair and hazel eyes with freckles she looked different. But in our way she was. She gazed up at the blue sky, then gasped, when out of nowhere, huge black clouds appeared.

"Master! Do you see those clouds?"

"Yes. We are going inside the school house now."

"Run, before it rains." And we did. Once we entered the school building, thunder shouted at us, and the kintergardeners began crying and screaming. The three students that I teach at school, Jadah, Heavyn and Aesha watched me to see what I would do. Summoning my power I began to grow storm balls.

Storm balls are huge balls of blue fire, that grow with each breath I take, and they destroy storms. I could do those, ever since I was six, and I hadn't meant to learn how to when it had happened. Shooting one after another, usually it only takes one, I managed to destroy the storm. Heavyn, a ten year old, blond headed, blue eyed, short and skinny girl looked at me.

"Do any of you know what that storm was?" The pure look of horror in their faces told me they knew.

"The beginning of the war." They responded at the same time, their voice barely above a whisper.


"Hey Madelyn! Wait!" I shouted at her, leaping off the bus.


"What did you think about that storm?"

"It happened out of nowhere." She seemed annoyed with me.

"It was the beginning of the war." She glared at me.

"Not that stupid magic! IT is fake and so... lame! Don't talk to me about that crap." Madelyn's angry eyes dared me to challenge her.

"You don't remember that day..." she cut me off quick.

"I was trying to forget that junk."

"I guess I won't tell you..." I murmered, so quiet she couldn't hear.

"What!? What did you just say?"

"I guess I won't tell you!" Then there was silence.

"I guess it isn't important." She stormed off, and I was glad, no one was going to speak to me like that!

What I didn't tell her:

Madelyn, when she was born she was watched by the spirit, and He blessed her. No one could see the spirit, of course his un-dealing great power of magic made sure of that. Magical creatures crowded round to watch her. And the spirit was not though she thought He was. He was the next God.

Tomorrow Night

I sat, staring out the window as my father drove me home. I felt the Goblin King pull on me, trying to make me fall into sleep. I lied back and let him. I felt myself collapse on the marble floor by his throne. And gentle hands picked me up. I had won the trus-tworthy-ness of him. Thunder pounded, as lightning struck the sky. Each powerful stroke light up the sky like a lightbulb as rain pounded down angrily. I was not going to try and challenge this storm, but I did calm it down some.

Curses, Jadah best stop messing with the weather. I knew it was she, because the past two days she had done so, and told me. I had warned her to stop but I see now she took no Honour of my words. Shame on her.

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