Who, What? Ah Nevermind

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Dunno why I picked humore...like I can write anything humourous. Well, here is another amazing poem!XD This is a... odd & confusing poem about a baby-sitter who lost the puppy. :P

Submitted: October 25, 2012

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Submitted: October 25, 2012



Who? What? Where?

Oh help me, and my despair,

I seem to have lost you,

Once more you are gone,

Great, now what?

This is just my luck,

Running down the street,

My hands trailing by my feet,

I yell and holler,

For you to come around,

I stand taller, but nontheless,

You are gone,

Tears drip down my face,

As I pick up the pace,

To little help as I gallop,

You seemed to have vanished,

This is just my luck,

The mistress is going to kill me,

Oh- wait, what is that,

I hear a loud splat,

Oh, there you are, great,

Now I have to was a dirty pup,

Just might as well,

This is just my luck.

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