A Thousand Words

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Basically we are fucked, and here is why.

Submitted: March 28, 2016

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Submitted: March 28, 2016



  Give a man a thousand words that can fix the world, but make him mute, taken from all forms of  communication.  Or better yet, give a man a thousand words so that he may speak such words and fix the world, but let the world not welcome him. Let his words fall on the ears of people who are not deaf, but choose not to listen. Let them lable that man as a satonist, a free thinker, or terrorist. Lable him as a killer. And condemn him, as if these things were crimes against humanity. 
Let those thousand words be drowned out by the sound of our own hatred, vanity, pride, and everything bad that becomes us. Let the few good, the ones who are aware, be too small to make a difference,  but big enough to believe they do make a difference. 
  Give us the knowledge that change must happen, but make us believe that it isn't needed. Make us believe that when we throw something away, it's gone forever. Let us believe that the walls of our house are cast in iron and is imortal. Let us believe that our footprint in the big world is both imortal, and the biggest. Let us believe we are entitled to everything bigger and greater. That we are entitled to originality, happiness, love, being who we are, money, food, and life. Let us believe we are god. And let us forget the flaw in that logic. Let us forget that 6 billion mortal gods proves that being a god isn't anything special.
Let us believe in things only when it is convenient. Let us hurt, and change ourselves for attention. Let insanity be glorified on neon sign that flashes out to those who can see, but are not seen.
  For this is life. This is society. And people tell me to each their own problems. People tell me that one day I'll realize why the truth doesn't matter. That I'll learn how to dream something fake and superficial in the fucking nightmare that is our world.
  I'll be able to ignore the pain and agony that is screaming from the corners of the world. I'll be able to see inequality and look right fucking past it. I will be able to pass a homeless person on the street without a second thought, and then complain about my house being imperfect.  I'll complain about my life being shit. I will ignore the cancer, the death and blackness of other people. I will ignore hunger of others while I stuff my face with food until I die from being over weight. I will kill my fabulous life while others try desperately to hold on to their peice of shit thing they call life.
I am called insane and depressed because I look at you and see only monsters who are insane. I am insane and depressed because I don't yet know how to be so cold. I am suicidal. I am drowning because life tells us we live one time so we must live without regret. Philosophy screams at us to question everything and to forgive everything. Science demands that I realize I am nothing. And religion threatens me to be perfect.  Society tells me I must fit in. While my soul cries and begs for me to just be happy, and to make those I love happy; a simple two sided request that makes pigs flying a more possible possibility.
  And people around me are making it look so god damn easy. I have 8 fucking requests, and out of these 8 requests science is the only one I can actually pull off. The rest are just spinning things of chaos. They all contradict eachother. And they get me fucking tangled in that mess. I'm so lost. And ontop of that, science tells me that the remaining 7 isn't the issue I need to focus on. Science tells me that none of it matters,  that the rest is all fake. It's all fake things used to distract us from the truth.
Here is an obvious one. There is a floating landmass of garbage in the oceon the size of my country. And I never even knew of its existence until a year ago. A teacher once told me we need to recycle. But me recycling isn't going to make a difference.  My entire state recycling will not make a difference.  It won't stop the growth of it. I will throw something out and the garbage man takes it away for me. And thats the end of my garbage. Never once did I dream or was concerned about where it would go. It stopped existing the moment it was out of my sight. And I realize that this is life. We shove it all behind a curtian, because we know that knowing the truth will do no good. We know that to change now, will not make a difference. Therefore what was the point of knowing, or changing, if neither can make the landmass disappear?
And behold, science has it right. Here is the truth that hides behind the curtian. Nothing we do will ever make a difference.  We are born into this world with it wired in our blood to make a difference.  But that is a goal we fail every time. And the truth is I've realized that. I've realized that life itself has no meaning. What is the point of trying when you know you will fail?
The only thing that keeps me from pulling my own trigger is the fact that I am a coward, and the fact that I really haven't fufilled a single one of the 8 requests. For all of them are impossible.  And I am already wired into society, hearing, but not listening, to the man give his thousand word speech. And thats okay, because like there is no point to changing, there is no point to knowing. None of it ever makes a difference.

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