An American Insanity

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In the cold vast land of Alaska, one of the only places left in the world that is unlawed, insanity can boil. One can live their entire life unnoticed by man in that place. One could live their life completely untouched by the law. Do things no one would ever find out about.
Alaska is the perfect place for an insanity to take place.

Submitted: July 01, 2014

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Submitted: July 01, 2014



An American Insanity. 


"Seclusion causes us to find rationality in the irrational parts of life. We explore the parts of our mind that are not meant to be explored. It is the other 90% of our brain that remains inactive. We are able to fix all problems that confront us with our mind. We create something that is everything we are not, something that fills in what we are missing."




An American Insanity

Julia picked up the phone the second it rang. The voice who answered on the other end of the line was ruff. Her husband, Mike. She was so sure he was drunk, she could not of been more sure if she could smell it on his breath.

"Baby," the voice rasped. "I love you." "If you loved me you wouldn't be in a bar." Hers was flat and even.

"It's a different kind of love that bind us together baby." The sound of the bar was bleeding through. Men shouting and yelling in the background, and glass shattering in the foreground.

The last ounce of her that still loved her husband rang concern from the heart To her brain. "Mike what was that?"

Mike took in a long and steadied pause before answering, "Don't worry about it baby." "Where are you?" "I don't... I don't know" his voice tumbled and slurred the words together. He didn't want his wife coming down to the bar as she had many times before. In that groggy heavily influenced brain of his, he was still smart when drunk. He knew the roads were bad, too bad to drive on. He knew the men here would eat her up alive.

"Please Mike, let me come get you. Let me come and bring you home" her heart began to ache.

"Darlin, just stay put, I'll come home." He was about to hang up the phone when he heard her voice.

" Mike don't you dare drive. You are drunk!"

" I'm fine.. I am fine. But if it makes you happy I'll find a ride okay?"

"Mike I am not kidding." She heard the phone click. "Fuck!" She screamed out in her house. She looked outside the window with heavy hot tears going down her face. She sat near a huge oak fireplace and watched the night snow fall onto the the huge Evergreens. She began to nervously twitch while she waited for something to happen.

Her husband was a picture perfect romancer. He was a tall man, with perfect muscles. His hair was a rare white color, and his skin was a fine white color. He was a brilliant man. He had a caring heart, a philosophical mind. He was an artist in all trades, a writer, a painter, a musician. He was everything and anything Julia could want him to be. However, he insisted that they move away from her safe cozy apartment in the city of Chicago, and to the great dangerous vast state of Alaska.

He said he could focus on his work, that he could better provide for her in this place. He was right. Their house was huge. Their property included a lake, and a mountain view. Their property was only an hour from a beach, and unfortunately, an hour from civilization, in every direction. She could die there, they both could die, and due to his negligence, no one would ever find them. No one would notice her absence. Although she wondered if they would notice his.

She sat in her throne of a chair by the phone for almost two hours until she finally could see two small little lights in the woods. She stood ready at the door to lecture him. When he walked into the house she didn't say a word to him. He could feel her eyes look at his with disgust. She was like a raven, mean, and cold hearted. The woman he married was filled of life, andof  love. This one was a zombie, it wasn't her anymore. And in his drunken slurred mind, fate would pull its biggest card of his life, tonight based on that single thought. Anger rolled into his body, the way waves do on a shore.

He walked into the kitchen and grabbed a beer out of the fridge and looked at his wife. He wondered why he even came back to this house. This house that stopped being his home, ever since she became depressed.

She looked at him with red eyes. "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN MIKE?" "Oh my god do we have to do this right now?" "Yes we do, you are never here anymore. You are always out doing god knows what. YOU KNOW WHAT? I WOULDN'T BE SURPRISED IF YOU WERE SEEING SOME WHORE." He tried his best to remain calm. Honestly he did. And one could argue the morals and question his character based on the decision that followed.

He slammed his beer down on the counter. "YOU KNOW WHAT FUCK YOU. EVERYTHING I DO IS FOR YOU. I AINT EVER PUT MY HANDS ON ANOTHER WOMAN EXCEPT YOU. I LOVE YOU BUT YOU ARE TOO INSANE TO SEE THAT YOU CRAZY BITCH." She went to lash her hand out across his face but he caught it and held it in his grip.

She tried to pull away but he held on. "LET GO."

When he said nothing she swung her free fist towards his head and connected a punch. He recoiled in pain letting go of her. In his rage he knocked her to the ground. Her body landed with a thud. She began to wail.

"Don't you cry at me. You fuckin' punched me. What kind of a loving wife punches their husband? Who are you? " He turned to walk away but she ran up and jumped him from behind. His mind was so groggy he forgot how fragile she was. "GET OFF OF ME!" She tightened her grip as he tried to shake her off of him. He walked backward and slammed her into a wall. His mind wasn't there all the way.

We must try and understand his actions. He got down on the floor were she lay; this woman he thought was a zombie, and hit her. One time, too hard. Her small neck snapped. It is a sound he would never forget. It is a sound that would change his life.

He looked down at her body that looked as if it were sleeping. He put his head to her chest searching for the only sound that could erase the one previously heard; her heartbeat. It was one that the handsome musician didn't hear. He began to cry heavily. " BABY? BABY?" He shook her body trying to get her to wake up. He began to scream at her. " WAKKKKE UPPPPP... DONT YOU DARE LEAVE ME." He lifted her into his arms and rocked her back and forth. He petted her hair out of her face.

Tears dripped down, "Baby, come back to me. I am so sorry, so sorry. Come back to me baby, come back. Please... Come back." When we loose something we love, we often loose touch of reality. Momentarily of course. He, carried that woman, up the stairs, into the bed room, and tucked her in. He kissed her on the forehead. And suddenly reality disappeared, and the delusion began. He felt happy all at once. He sat next her and told her how much he loved her. He told her that tomorrow was going to be her special day. He feel asleep in that chair.

The next morning he woke bright and cheery. The world around him was completely clueless to his insanity. He got up, made breakfast and fed a dead body. He talked to a dead body. He washed her, he dressed her, he sang to her, he wrote for her. He did this for so long that the smell of death, of her rotting body, went away. He did it for so long because he was not strong enough to face the fact that he killed the only thing that he loved in life. It took him three years to find reality again. He was drunk. He was staring out the same window on the 3rd floor of the house that she stared out of. It was snowing, it was night time. He was waiting. Waiting for anything.

For anything to happen. And when he heard no voice, when he felt no touch, of a woman, he turned around. Julia sat in the chair smiling. Imagine that, a corpse, rotten, smiling. He looked back out the window. And his mind returned to him his thoughts, his memory, and his sanity. And would a cruel thing of it to do. He felt a hole open in his chest. He couldn't breath. "No..." He again heard that snap I told you he would never forget. He could feel his fist connect with her face. He walked away from the window. Picked up Julie, and ran through the window, straight to his death. No one found their bodies.

 Alaska is an empty and lonely place, that can make you insane. It is one of the few places left in this world that has yet, to be completely civilized.

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