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Two men sit down in a dinner who dont know eachother. They sit and have a deep discussion that starts out calm, but escalates rather quickly into bloodshed.
(Dark humor)

Submitted: March 30, 2016

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Submitted: March 30, 2016



Two males sit together in a dinner. One has brown hair, the other has silver. The one with silver hair picks up a pen and flips over a paper placemat. He draws a single line. He says to the man with brown hair, "Here is time, a straight line. It is extremely long in one direction. But it is not infinite. Nothing is infinite. And in the other, well, it is forever separated by the barrier known has the future.".

From this single line he draws two more lines branching off of the single line. He says to him, "Now here are two lines that sandwich time. These are possibilities. Everything is a possibility. Infact it comes to a point where time itself is just a possibility. This first line represents what could happen. This 2nd represents the actual flow of time, or what does happen. And the 3rd represents what shouldn't happen. Now these two things are on opposite sides of the same river. But they are connected to each other. They are connected by the sea of time; where all rivers flow to. And they both still matter, even they don't always end up happening. ".

The man with brown hair disagrees with him. "But they don't matter. If my wife goes to the store to buy eggs, chances are, she is gonna get those eggs. That's the top line. The bottom line could represent the possibility of her getting killed by a drunk driver on her way home. Now let's say she makes it home fine. Her not getting hit by the driver does not mean anything. It will not directly continue to effect me because it never happened, and was only a theory.". The man with silver hair points to a spot on the line where the three lines meet. "Look here, they all touch time. Let's say your wife doesn't make it back. Let's say the car hits her. Now, she doesn't come home ever. Because of this, your life has forever changed. Therefore, what hasn't happened, directly effects you. It effects you until the day you die." .

The man with brown hair counters him, "But you see, somethings will never happen. Somethings can be controlled by will. Such as driving more carefully. Eating healthier. Preventing diseases.".

" This is how you are wrong. Everything happens in one way or another. The will of people are not infinite. Nothing is infinite. If your wife blinks her eyes for a second, just a second, anything can happen. That second will never fail. And it can and will alter everything."

"But what about God?".

"What about him?".

"God saves the wife by in acting fate. Fate is the principle that despite what could happen, what should happen will happen. Despite obsticles that go against what should happen, fate will overcome them.".

The silver haired man looks at him and says "You imply God can control time through the principle of fate?".

"I do. For God created time, and all that was. God is infinite. And because of him controlling fate, the fact that my wife doesn't get hit by car, will not effect me, because it simply didn't happen.".

"But you forget, there are times when even God blinks, and in that second, his rules no longer apply. Therefore, even in the sence of religion, time wins. Time is not containable. The outcomes that do and don't happen effect you. Even if you can't name, place or think of such events, all events effect you.".

"Prove it.".

The silver haired man sighs in annoyance. "Fine. I shall present to you the most obvious example of how the things that don't happen directly effect the things that do happen, and life itself. Observe."

The silver haired man takes out a gun and shoots the brown haired man in the head. His skullcap blasts onto the table of someone else's. And the brown haired man is no more. But at that same instance the silver haired man's head explodes into a thousand tiny bits.

The owner of dinner rushes out to see what the noise is, and screams as everything she sees fades to black, even herself. Her very scream is drowned out by a black hole that consumes all that is.

Two males sat down in the dinner. But these men who sat down were no ordinary men. No. One was god, and the other, time itself. And it would appear, neither were infinite.

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