Loving my student

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This is a story about a high school history teacher who falls in love with his 17 year old student.They go through so much together.He loves her more than the world.His name is Tyler Anderson and her name is Natalie Walker.

Submitted: June 27, 2010

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Submitted: June 27, 2010



Loving my student.Part 1

-Natalie's P.O.V. (Point of view)-

I walked up to his desk waiting to recieve my grade.He handed me back my paper while saying "Excellent job Miss Walker." I smiled and walked to my seat.I noticed my grade was an A+.Wait...How did that happen? I don't know anything about the French Revolution.I don't know.Mr;Anderson walked to the front of the room and began rambling on about dead people with unpronounceable names.My boyfriend,who is also Mr'Anderson's younger brother was sitting just two desks behind me.His name is Jason.He's 17 like me,with curly brown hair and adorable green eyes.I took a peice of paper from my binder and scribled a note onto it.

Hey baby,I miss you.Do you wanna hang out after class?

I told the girl sitting behind me to pass the note back.She quickly took it and handed it to Jason.About a minute later I recieved a note.I could easily recodnise Jason's usual all capital letter handwriting.


I read the note and smiled.I started to write then the note was ripped from my hands.I looked up and saw Mr.Anderson looking back at me."Natalie," he began,no passing notes in my class.Detention with me after school." I was ticked.I figured there was no use in arguing with him so I just sighed and slid down into my seat.

I was bored the rest of time.But before I knew it,school was over and it was time for detention with Mr.Anderson.Mr.Anderson was hired right out of college.He's about 6 feet tall with muscular arms and short jet black hair.He's only 22 and all the girls are crazy about him.Well,except me.Well,time for two hours of hell.

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