A lost head

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This a Halloween type prompt i did in my creative writing class

Submitted: December 23, 2013

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Submitted: December 23, 2013



“God I hate algebra” Rosselyn groaned as she shuffled out of Mrs. Russell’s room. “Well we gotta learn it Rosie” I replied shuffling towards my locker in the throng of students. “Well I have to go to yearbook I’ll catch you later Lauren” Rosselyn called out her black hair disappearing in a sea of bodies and book bags. I just smiled and shook my head stopping at my locker I spun the combination around, the lock giving a ‘click’ sound as it unlocked. I pulled open the locker to find two dead eyes staring at me. I gave a startled gasp as my binder dropped to the ground the papers exploding from it. I stared at the dead eyes that stared at me back but yet that didn’t see. Inside my locker was the head of a missing man named Cooper Foster, he had went missing three weeks ago; they found his body at an abandoned cemetery but not his head figuring some sicko chopped it off as a prize. He was so young, only twenty, a sophomore in college too. My hand flew up to my mouth as breakfast threatened to crawl its way back up, on Cooper’s forehead there was a note that said “You’re next”. I gulped then looked around, the hallway was empty now, the students at their desks while the teachers slaved over their boards. I glanced around then feeling a disturbing presence I ran down the hallway my feet thundering and echoing against the empty hallways. I pushed my way out the doors into the empty bus lane then took off running from there to home. I stopped on our front stoop panting and wheezing my hands on my knees as I coughed and dry heaved. I looked towards our front door finally seeing that it was opened, mom was at work and dad was away on a business trip and wasn’t supposed to be back for five more days. I wiped my forehead then walked up our three little concrete steps as I opened the door with a shaking head. The house was dead silent until there was an eerie singing as everything in the house began to groan and shake. I listened to the song carefully.

“I live in a house where the doors creak and the floorboards squeak.

I live in a house where the tattered curtains blow and the handprints on the glass show

I live in a house where the bed shakes and the headboard quakes

I live in a house that rumbles and the structure grumbles til’ it all goes crashing down onto the ground into the teeth of a hell hound!” the voice screeched the ending as the house began to shake and things fell off their shelves.

I screamed and ran out slamming the door shut as I took off running down the street when a man in black that looked vaguely like a shadow appeared in front of me, a leash trailed from his gloved hand to a hound that had black fur and the claws of a bear and canines of a wolf, it’s eyes glowed like the embers of hell itself. “Ah little Lauren, pleasure to see you my dear” the man said giving me a fanged smile. I backed up tripping over a jagged piece of sidewalk and fell onto my back inching away from the beast I had come eye to eye too. With every inch I backed up, the man and beast walked forward. I screamed “No” and jumped up running back down the street I came from as the man laughed like a mad man and the dog barked and howled. I ran past our shaking house into the shed in the backyard and sank down curling up against the mulch and lawn mower. They found me there two hours later. Ever since that day I have seen the demon man and his hell hound. People told me I was lucky that I had terrified the man in pursuit of my head, that I wasn’t his next victim, but I did lose my head, I lost my insanity, I lost my memories. Now all I see is a shadowy black man with the devils smile and his ember-eyed companion. 

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