If u have a brother or sister thats really annoying im so sorry i feel ur pain

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just listen and found out what its about

Submitted: July 25, 2011

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Submitted: July 25, 2011



it all started when i was 3 and i had 1 older bro and 1 older sis and one little sister that was just born and she already got on my nerves and she would cry cry cry all she would do and get spoiled it wasent fun but i learned to live with it till the part where my mom told me she was going to get older and be bigger so when wee got older all my sister would do is follow me around i thought she would grow out of it so i was all cool until  SHE FOLLOWED ME EVERYDAY and i coudnt go NO WHERE and i mean NO WHERE it was awful then i got blamed for her doing and then my brother would hit me and be mean to mean and alot of other stuff and my older sister was just i dont know didnt want anyone around her threatened if i went into her room she would hit me the usall so i decided i was going to get back at them so i cut my big sisters hair so she would think her hair wasent growing spit in my sister hand at night so when i tickled her she would put it on her face lol and let my dog pee on my bros couch and bed and shoes and in his rom let him ripp his socks then gosh but if u have bros or sisters u have to learn how to survive in this would goodness and if ur mom is going to have a baby beware and plan something big befor it comes cuzz there will be a day where it will come after you even though ur older im telling the truth LISTEN TO THIS ITS GOOD ADVICE if u want mto tell me more leave a comment im serious BEWARE dont be happy :( lol

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