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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

The first exciting tale of Kacela and Cailean! Evil French Fries, The Kidnappers, Ninja Dude, and... Cailean in a wedding dress? You'll find yourself laughing at this story of two girls who tell unbelievable, yet entirely true, stories. They suffer constant ridicule over it from their peers and are consistently harassed by the people of their stories. Me and my friends actually came up with these stories together and I hope you enjoy them!

“Long, long ago in an ancient land known as Via Verde, there lived two girls. Kacela and Cailean were outcast among their village because they told stories that no one but them believed. Stories that they, who believed whole-heartedly in the stories couldn’t even…”
“Shut up Zaide!” I shouted when I couldn’t take it anymore, “Stop talking as if we’re already dead!” Turning away I stormed off.
“Well with the way you and Cailean are going you will be soon.” His and the children’s laughter followed my retreating back, echoing in my ears. Sighing, I walked on used to people laughing, because no one ever took me or Cailean serious anymore. We were the village clowns. Tilting my head up to watch the moon taking its spot in the stars, wondering what it would be like to actually have someone to believe us. When I got the stone walkway up to the door, I noticed that the door was open slightly and immediately knew something was wrong. Cailean knew better by now than to just leave the door open so anyone could go in and out. Running to the door, I yanked it open and froze at what I saw.
“Not you again,” I groaned, “Can’t you just leave us alone N.D.? What did we ever do to you to cause you to come after us, because whatever it is I’llapologize right now if you leave.” N.D., short for ‘Ninja Dude’, wore all black, along with a black mask that covered most of his face. His hair was an orangey color, his eyes a stormy blue. He was also standing next to Cailean who happened to be wearing a wedding dress for some odd reason. Oh, she was also tied to a chair, but who cares about that? “Why is she wearing a wedding dress?”
He shrugged, “I don’t know, I found her like this.”
I laughed, “Did they bring the skinny dude this time Cailean or is he still missing?”
“No they didn’t which makes me wonder. I mean we haven’t seen him at all since the Dancing Monkey Incident.” I was as puzzled by this as she was. The skinny dude disappeared about the same time we first met N.D. in his helicopter. It was there that we stole his ice cream sandwiches before escaping as we always do. Escape, I mean, not steal ice cream sandwiches.
“What are you two talking about?” N.D. sounded very confused by the conversation, “Who is this ‘skinny dude’?”
I shot a glare at him, “Dude, are you eavesdropping on our conversation. That issorude.” I spoke in my best snobby girl voice.
“So rude.” Cailean added from her chair.
He glanced between us, his growing frustration obvious, “I am standing between so it hardnotto hear your conversation.” He took a deep breathebefore continuing, “Who is this skinny dude?” He demanded through clenched teeth.
Sighing, I answered, “The skinny dude is apart of these three people that Cailean and I named the Kidnappers.” Looking to Cailean to continue I saw her stubbornly shaking her head.
“No, no, and double no. For all we know he could be worse than the Kidnappers.” I nodded and considered this, she did have a valid point.
“But could he be worse than the Evil French Fries?” I pointed out.
“No if I had to judge right now I’d say he was somewhere between the Taco Fairies and the Flying Donuts.” I looked him over again then nodded my consent.
“Agreed.” N.D. stood there a blank look on his face as if he had stopped trying to follow the conversation. I walked toward him.
“Kacela! Get away it could be a trap!” She whispered as if not to wake him.
“It’s not a trap.” I stated simply as I waved a hand in front of his face and got no reaction whatsoever. “I honestly think we scrambled his brain.” My voice was tinged with awe, I just couldn’t help it.
“No way, seriously?” Heading to my room I grabbed my most important possession. Walking back into the living room, I strolled up to N.D. and pulled the cap off my black permanent marker and proceeded to draw a mustache onhim. “Kacela, Kacela, no that will just make him angrier when he wakes up.”
Going over to untie Cailean I spoke my flawed logic, “That’s why we leavebeforehe comes back around.”
Getting up and heading to her room to change out of the wedding dress Cailean added her own more logical logic, “What about the next time he finds us?”
Shrugging I continued to put stuff into backpacks, “We’ll deal with it then.” Slinging the bag over my shoulder I shouted, “Come on we got to get going.” Pushing her out the door I slung one backpack over my shoulder and threw the other at Cailean. “I think we should head to Maggie’s, she always has a room open to stay in.” Cailean nodded and we walked towards Maggie’s Boarding House, half way there something flew above our heads causing us to shriek and duck. We both were not very fond of bugs, especially butterflies, because butterflies were evil.
“Hmm… seems butterflies are back in season, going to have to be more careful.” Cailean, the ever cautious one, said. She knew me to well, for me antagonizing the butterflies was a great time.
“Yeah wouldn’t want one of them suckers possessing you, I’ve heard from those who lived to tell the tale that its extremely painful.” I rolled my eyes in a friendly manner that said I was going to cause trouble despite the facts.
On the step of Maggie’s place Cailean cuffed me on the side of the headbefore knocking, “Just don’t do anything to stupid.”
With a hurt look on my face, I said with a slightly sarcastic lit, “I wouldnever.” Maggie never came to the door so we decided to go to our in-case-of-emergencies cabin. Walking away down a dirt path, that was very overgrown with plants, I looked up to see dark grey ominous clouds darkening the bright day. Poking at Cailean’s arm until she glanced toward me, then I pointed to the sky, “Something bad is going to happen and soon if the way those clouds look is anything to go by.”
Nodding in agreement, she spoke what we’d both been thinking of those clouds, “Yeah reminds me of the day the Kidnappers got to us.” I chuckled in memory, even as a chill went through me because I remembered that day as if it was yesterday.
FLASHBACK: Kidnapped
Walking home from school on a cold winter day, wind whipping through tree and pinching exposed skin. The sun could barley be seen through the clouds covering it, making the day dark and shadowy. Cailean walked briskly along with me wanting out of the cold as much as me, despite the jacket she wore. Of course I didn’t wear a jacket so I was freezing. My long brown hair and her shorter black hair flew everywhere, uncontrollable, asgreen and brown eyes watered behind glasses that were supposed to keep the howling wind out. Looking towards her I said, rather loudly to be heard over the wind, “Come Cailean you know that dark makes me jittery and jumpy!”
She looked back at me and shook her head, “Kacela, what is there to be nervous about?” She laughed before, practically shouting, “What could possibly go wrong?” She startled when I slapped my hand over her mouth staring at her with unbelieving eyes. She stared right back her own eyes wide with horror.
“No! Why Cailean?!” I yelled, taking my hand from her mouth and speeding up my pace toward home, “You know those words are nothing but trouble!” I could feel myself start to panic my heart sped up, my breathing was no longer even, and my eyes jumped from place to place. “Those words cause bad things to happen, don’t you watch cartoons?”
She looked around helplessly, “It’s okay Kacela we’re almost home anyhow, nothing to worry about.” She continued to speak comforting word, to convince me or herself I wasn’t sure, but none of it reached my ears. Out of the corner of my eye I caught sight of something big and black coming towards us. I reached over and absently tapped Cailean’sshoulder, keeping my eyes on what I figured was a van followingus. “What?” She asked quizzically. I simply pointed to the van then looked at her. Her mouth formed an “O” as she breathed, “Ohhh…”
“Yeah what were you saying about being okay?”
We were both shivering now and not just from the cold, “Forget what I said and run!” She took off and I was right behind her, the van went faster to keep up with us, until it was right beside us. The door opened beside me and two very large hands grabbed me, lifting me into the van then dropping me onto the floor. Slamming it behind us a very skinny dude walked over to me and put a sweet smelling clothe over my nose and mouth. I knew it for what it was now, the chemical meant to knock you out, chloroform. The last thing I heard before everything went black was Cailean’s panicked voice shouting for me.
A hand on my shoulder brought me out of my daze. “We better get moving, with the wind picking up it could rain any second now.” Watching the shadows grow and move, a grim expression on her face, she added, “And with our luck we’d end up lost or something.” Cailean had learned to be careful about what she said fast in our life.
With that we both started walking a little faster not at the threat of rain, no, both of would have been content to sit in the rain for hours if we could. We moved at a faster pace because the worst thing that could happen in a situation always happened when it came to us. Us and fate didn’t have a great track record together, neither me or Cailean had one lucky bone between us. Reaching into one of my pockets I pulled out a ponytail to tie my unruly brown hair back out of my eyes. Grabbing another one I out to Cailean who happily accepted it, her shorter black hair was as unmanageable on windy days as mine was on a normal day. As rain finally started to pour, the loud rumble of thunder caused me and Cailean to jump about a foot. Lightening followed close behind the thunder, lighting up the surrounding forest. Looking around in that brief light to gather my bearings, I saw a tall figure dart from one tree to the next. I started laughing then because I knew that whatever bad thing was that was going to happen, was going to happen now.
When Kacela started laughing I figured it normal because we both laughed in tense situations to relieve the tension. As I listened a little closer I could hear a slightly hysterical sound in her laugh also, but when that semi-normal laugh turned into the horrible half-sob, half-laugh that only Kacela could make I knew we were in trouble. Latching on to her shoulders I started to push her forward to keep her walking towards the cabin and she let me laughing hysterically the entire time. I couldn’t even peer into the forest to figure out how much farther we were from the cabin, the darkness was to all consuming. The only reason I knew where Kacela was, was because I could hear her laughter above even the thunder. When lightening once again raced across the sky, I had just enough light for just enough time, that I could see a man running through the woods just beside us. Just as an extremely loud sounding thunder rolled, loud enough to mask Kacela’s laughter, my hands were yanked from Kacela’s shoulders and with no contact I couldn’t find her again. When the thunder finally died down I still couldn’t hear Kacela anywhere and with it being pitch black and all I probably wasn’t going to find her anytime soon. Putting my hand in front of me I tried to at least maneuver through the darkness without injury. Luck just wasn’t on my side right now because every way I turned my hands brushed against something that felt a little like metal. When I stopped panicking enough to think I placed my hand on
whatever was halting my progress and followed it. I went in circles a couple of times before realizing what was happening, banging my head on the metal a few time I contemplated what to do. No solution came to mind and with my clothes soaked, chilling me to the bone, I reached the conclusion this time I’m not getting out so easily. Standing there leaning against the wall I just hoped that where ever my friend was she wasn’t in to much danger.

Submitted: October 20, 2012

© Copyright 2021 Katesmak. All rights reserved.

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