You Can Be Any Thing In The Dream

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Join Emily, and Mason on there wedding day. Experince their love they have for one another as, they dance to their first song, and listen to wedding speaches.

Enspired by the song "In The Dream" By Craig Morgan.

Eight years old wearing his daddy's hard hat
He grabbed the water hose
Says he saw the fireman do it like that
His wagon was his ladder truck
He pulled it around, and at the top of his lungs
He'd make a fire engine sound

In The Dream
He is more than just a hero
More than anything he ever wanted to be
In The Dream
There's a world that lasts forever
And life is so much better than it seems
Close your eyes you can be anything
In The Dream

Fumbling through the attic
She found her mother's old wedding dress
She said someday she'd wear it
And wouldn't mama be impressed
She can just about imagine what everyone would say

When her knight in shining armor comes to carry her away

In The Dream
She's as pretty as a picture
More than anything she ever wanted to be
In The Dream
There's a world that lasts forever
And life is so much better than it seems
Close your eyes you can be anything
In The Dream

On the one side of the isle
Sits all her family
On the other side are all his friends from Engine 53
When she looks at him
I wonder if he knows
To her he's still the boy she met 20 years ago

In The Dream
He's more than just a hero
She pretty as a picture
Like they wanted to be
In The Dream

There's a world that lasts forever
And life is so much better than it seems
Close your eyes you can be anything
Close your eyes you can be anything
In The Dream

I looked down at my beautiful new wife, Emily as we

danced to our first song on the day of our wedding.

Her dark black hair was in loose curls, moving over

her face as the wind blew. The rest of our lives had

began tonight, when we said i do.

I had been so nerves when i seen her walk down the

aile on her dads arm. I was shaking like crazy! When

she got to me, and took my hand as we said our

vows, i was praying the whole entire time that the

preacher would hurry up before she changed her


Emily looked up at me with a smile on her face, "I

love you." She whispered.

My heart lept at her words. You would think after

dating for five years i wouldn't be surprised to hear

those words leave her lips. I never thought in all my

21 years she would ever love a reckless crazy

firefighter like myself. "I love you more." I whispered

in her ear.


When the song ended, i kissed her and led her to

our table. Some of the guys from the fire station and

her family were already seated at their assigned

seats at our table. I watched her laugh when my

brother, Caleb whispered in her ear telling her some


Her laugh was sweet as honey. Her beauty put me in

a trance every time i looked at her. I put my arm

around her shoulder as every one began talking

about how wonderful the wedding was and, how

they always knew her and i would get married.


Every one seemed to be so sure that we would wind

up getting married, when we were kids. Emily, and i

grew up two houses down from each other, and

never staid far away from each other. Our moms had

been best friends since being little, so they had all

ways wanted us too get to together some day.


It took me until i was 17 to ask her to go on a date

with me, to my surprise she agreed. A couple

months after our first date she'd told me she always

had a crush on me but, was scared i didn't feel the

same way. I'd told her that I'd always felt the same

way about her but, i was scared of the rejection she

might would have given me.


I watched as, Emily talked about how hard it was to

plan such a wonderful wedding. She looked

beautiful in her mom's old dress. It fit her perfectly.

She looked so much like an angel wearing it. I

couldn't believe i was going to spend the rest of my

life with this amazing woman.


"Honey, are you ok?" Emily asked, as she laced her

fingers with mine.


I smiled at her, "Enjoying the view of my beautiful

wife." Her cheeks blushed red.

Emily's, best friend and made of honor, Amber got

up from the table and, walked over taking the mic

from the wedding DJ. "Can i get every ones

attention?" She called over the mic. Every one

looked up at her as she made her way to stand in

front of Emily, and I. "I think it's time for the

speeches." She laughed.


Emily looked up at me smiling as she kissed me.

God, her kisses could never get old. I was so in love

with my best friend.


"First off i would like to say, Mason you are one lucky

guy to be married to my best friend. Hold on to her.

She loves you more than anything in this world." I

smiled up at Amber, and nodded. I knew i was a

lucky guy to have her here next to me. I planned to

be her night in shinning armor for forever.


"Emily, i really don't know where to start." Tears

streamed down Amber's face. "But, girl you have

been there for me through every thing and, when i

say this i mean every thing! God, i didn't plan to cry."

She wiped away her tears with her free hand. Every

one under the wedding tent began to laugh.


"I'm so thank full that Mason finally got the balls to

ask for your hand in marriage! We all knew it had

been coming since you guys were like four!

Thankfully now your husband has his head from up

his ass." A roar of laughter filled the night. There

were a few "I know that's right" and few "About

time!" coming from the 150 people.

Emily, busted out laughing, nodding her head at her

best friends words. She knew just like i did that it

had been a long time coming. I just never found the

right time until 8 months ago to ask her to marry



One of the guys from the fire station high fived me.

"I know you guys will have a wonderful, and a full life

together, and i love you both!" Amber handed the

microphone to my best man, and fellow fire fighter,

Kyle the Mic.


****Emily's POV****

When Mason's Best friend Kyle took the mic i looked

over at my handsome husband laughing. I knew this

speech would be the best one of the whole entire

night. Kyle, always had this way of telling crazy and

funny stories, some times stretching the truth allot.


Kyle, and my new husband. God, calling him my

husband will never get old! Any way, Kyle and my

husband had been best friends since Mason joined

the fire department here in Hynesville, Georgia.

Every Friday night when all the guys in their

company were off they would be at Mason, and I's

home grilling and watching the football or baseball

game on TV.


Kyle began his speech, "The first time i met Mason,

was about 3 maybe four years ago. He was a rookie,

and well most of the people here tonight know what

it's like when their company gets a new guy." The

guys all start yelling, and laughing.


I've heard a speech so similar to Kyle's at so many

fire fighter's weddings before. They were all as funny

as this one would wind up being.


"Here i was thinking, Oh yeah we got a newbie to

mess with. Turns out though, he could dish out

worser than what we could. One night at the fire

house our boy, Mason here decided it would be fun

to play a joke on us guys.

So when we all fell asleep, he was busy putting every

ones boots by there beds. Well as we all are in a

good nights sleep, the fire stations fire alarm goes

off. We all jump out of bed, and realize the whole

entire room is smoky, and hot as all hell.

We all look down, and realize our boots are on fire.

Now here is this huge fire blazing right next to me,

and While we all our trying to put out the fire on our

boots i look over at the door and see Mason

watching and laughing." I have to admit i was in

hisarics laughing, but i sure wasn't the the only one.

Every one else was laughing as well, including


"I have to admit, Mason pulled off the best fire

house joke ever, and after that we all came to know

Mason, a little better. Hes one hell of a firemen and

friend. Emily, you have one good man, even if he is a

total dummy. Love y'all and congratulations." Kyle

held up his glass and toasted us.


Kyle handed the mic over to Mason, and patted his

shoulder after mumbling something in his ear.


Mason, looked at me as he stood up, and pulled me

up on my feet to face him. "Emily, I love you with all

my heart. I know i can be stubborn and annoying,

but you love me any way. Thank you for marrying

me, baby. And thank you for being the love of my

life." I looked up at Mason as tears streamed down

my face.

I wondered if he knew he was more than a hero, and

my true love. Hes my night in shining armor. I put

my hand on the side of his face, and kissed him with

everything i had in me.


Submitted: October 25, 2012

© Copyright 2021 katey 1111. All rights reserved.

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Jezzzz this is long sissy :) but I love it

Thu, October 25th, 2012 1:26am


Only because of the song! :)
And im glad!
Did you see the Amber LOL

Wed, October 24th, 2012 6:29pm


song and novel match perfectly love them both. its amazing and cute :) you did a wonderful job

Thu, October 25th, 2012 1:32am


Thank you, hun!

Wed, October 24th, 2012 6:32pm


i dont usually read romance stuffs but i find this cute :)

Thu, October 25th, 2012 6:09am


Im glad you took the time to check it out then!
Thank you for commenting! :)

Thu, October 25th, 2012 3:43am


It's long but definitely worth reading. Love the idea that you mashed up the song and the novel. Really great. I felt like I was also invited to their wedding and I'm witnessing the party before my eyes. Lol. For me, you've done an awesome job! :) Love it.

Thu, October 25th, 2012 11:37am


Wow! Thank you!
Im glad you felt like you were apart of the wedding!
Thank you for commenting!

Thu, October 25th, 2012 9:30am


Beautifully wirtten :)

Wed, January 6th, 2016 6:55am

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