The Letters From Home

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Anna and James have been separate for the last 7 months. With him on Tour, Anna has been waiting for him to return. Wanting to start a family together, Anna hopes that James will not return. But she knows that is not the case. So Anna decides to write a letter to James for every day he is home so that he will never be far from home.
(This story is told through letters. First Anna will write a letter to James while he is home and then the next letter will be from James on another tour writing a letter back to Anna about the letter she just wrote.)
Please tell me if I should keep writing. Feedback is always great. Thank you.

Submitted: July 31, 2012

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Submitted: July 31, 2012



September 24th.

5:30 in the morning and you know what I’m doing?? Sitting here waiting for your butt to get home! It’s now been exactly 7 months and 25 days since I last saw you, and let’s just say I really really miss you. I can’t wait to see you. I’m putting on your favorite dress just so that when I jump into your arms and you twirl me around you laugh at how everyone can see my underwear. Yeah, I know I am one of a kind. I bet you are wondering why I am still writing to you even though you come home today. It’s so that the next time you leave on tour you have a letter for every day you were home. This way you have something to read while you wait for my letters. Nothing has really changed in this little town. Our neighbor Nellie and Frank just had their first child. They named her Miley. She is now about 4 months old. Very cute. Makes me start thinking ; ). OO CRAP it’s almost 6 I better leave I got a hot date. Hehehe See you soon!



Dear Anna,

Response to September 24ths

While riding home on the bus (which was soo small), I just keep thinking that in less than 10 minutes you will be in my arms.  I can’t wait for that feeling of your soft gentle skin to be in contact with mine. I have missed you so much and the only thing that has gotten me through all this was knowing that I will be able to return home to the most beautiful wife in the world. Finally the bus arrives and I quickly look around for you. And then out of the corner of my eye I see the brightest yellow dress. O how I have missed that dress. I wish you could have seen that smile across my face. Finally I am off this bus and before I can even take a breath of fresh air, you’re in my arms. I smell your hair and it’s just how I remembered it. I look into those bright green eyes and smile as I kiss you like I’ve never kissed before. You are semi shocked at first but then you come into the kiss with tears in your eyes. I couldn’t be any happier. As I sit here I think back to that day.

“Hey Anna,” I say to you as you jump up on me again.

“Hi Jamie,” you say as tears roll down your face. “I have missed you so much my love.” You kiss me again and this time I just hold you there enjoying this moment.

We walk out holding hands and my hand is all sweaty

“I need to tell you… ”

“How long?” you cut me off knowing what I am going to ask before I even say it.

“January,” I say looking down at your heels avoiding eye contact.

“Well that’s good; at least you will be here for the holidays I know your brother has missed you,”

My brother lost his wife about a year ago to cancer and has been very lonely even since.

“Yeah, I need to get him laid.”

“Or I was thinking a dog??” My wife asked me puzzled. I laugh at her as we get into the car.

On the way home I get about 7 phone calls; All either from my mother and or my brother.

“Well I guess we are going to my mom’s for dinner babe,” I say to Anna as we get out of the car.

“Yeah I already figured we would that whys I didn’t cook. Don’t worry I have all night with you,” She winks at me and I can’t help but to blush. It’s been awhile since I had some fun.

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