Welcome to The Dead

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Welcome to my place I love,
Where you will fit like a glove.

Submitted: August 08, 2012

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Submitted: August 08, 2012



There is a place I know on a coast unknown

Where the birds fly and people go to die.

This place is only seen by those who wish to be free

For their time has ended and they have surrended

To world unknown where wild ferns grow

The place can be quiet or loud as a lion

For the company it holds can only be shown

To people who wish to die alone

Those who wish to die in a group

There is a section devoted to you.

For all the rest who wish to survive

You must know that you’re going to die

For time can never be stilled

Wouldn’t that be a thrill?

Even though life is short

You make the most of our time apart

For when that time comes to die

I will welcome you with an open eye

For my gift to you is one you seek

I enjoy letting you get some peace

Away from the mess of life and things

You will be treated like a king

Slow or fast is does not matter

For my grasp on you cannot be scattered

I will hold your hand as we cross the line

To a place in another time

Welcome my pet to a place you know

I hope you learn to grow

For your time here is endless

But you never shall be friendless

I will always be here or over there

Or you can always find me in my chair

Looking over my place dread

Welcome to the dead

© Copyright 2018 Katherine Addams. All rights reserved.

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