We Will Find Our Way

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I would wish upon a star for you.

Submitted: August 05, 2012

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Submitted: August 05, 2012



What we had

Was a beautiful love
And only the stars can see
How beautiful it was.
If only the truth was
So much easier to say
And I wouldn't be so afraid
Of pushing you away.
Because I don't love myself
I have but don't now
I don't believe in myself
I don't trust anyhow
But if I could make you stay
And keep you with me always
Forever is a long time
But I would love you always
Trust me in that I can't trust you
I can't even trust me, myself, or I
We lie to ourselves before we lie to another
And my lies are always in good faith but a bad try
I am not malicious in my love
And I never wish you the worst
The pain is too much for me
Even if there's nothing with her
So I run away, terrified of losing you
Jealousy rules my world
Insecurity ruins my faith in you
And my own terror of the past unfurls
In the present we are apart
In the past were together
In the future I cannot see
How we can fix this, but I'll keep trying forever/
So I can do is write my true feelings
It's so much easier to think alone
I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you
And hope our love is like stone.
Stone is durable and sturdy
Until it degrades into dirt
And as it crumbles it falls apart
Left as soil to nourish the earth
But stone is forever and soon it will be
Another sand grain on the sandy beach
And then it will form a completely new rock
One that is new; one that is us
I will mend my ways and find the truth
Within myself to say
That no matter what, my actions don't lie
To save our love I must change my ways
I am afraid that you will not love me
If you find out who the real me is
I am not a lovable person
I can only promise you this
But I have plenty of love to give
And I'm willing to give it all to you.
I want to be with you more than anything else
Please, just give me time for another chance? 
So I sit in my bed and glance out the window
Loving you, wherever you are
And, looking for a semblance of hope,
I wish on a shooting star.

© Copyright 2018 Katherine Alexander. All rights reserved.

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