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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: August 19, 2016

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Submitted: August 19, 2016




dinGenre humour ,romanceg

Ashwin “I may not be American but I was raised in the American ways of the world.”

Mrinalini  “Let’s get married again in America. Let’s exchange our vows and register our wedding here again. It is a statement of our intent to be Americans and commitment to America”

Ashwin “That will take 15 years Don’t worry my trophy girl, all in good time , all in good time. Why can’t we go in for a common law marriage mean time. A muhurtham wedding is like a common law marriage unless registered. A muhurtham wedding will stand the test of time and make it an eternity equation. “

“What a brilliant idea. I can get into America without being married to you. Ah... I can keep my maiden name.”

“But our kids won’t be legal” laments Ashwin.

Mrinalini “It’s a novel idea though I must admit. “

Ashwin  “As long as they have our names on their birth certificates, it will be fine. Be my eternity girl friend?”

5 years later

Ashwin  “At least  we got 2 Aussie kids. Getting to America will take another 5 years.”

Mrinalini  “Dear can I have my son carry on my family name. My only brother has a girl and my sister who is very young may never have boys. After all I have given you 2 children to carry on the family name. But they are girls.” 

Ashwin “Anything you say Darling.”

 Mrinalini “I will tell them never to change their names as given at birth and on their birth certificates. I am having our boy in India. Imagine changing your name. It’s like losing your identity. We can’t afford anything else. We have become poor. Spent all that money in the future and for the future Education fund, unemployment fund, health fund, air fares. “

Ashwin “Let’s go in for a Common law wedding in the States dear . “

Mrinalini  “Better still,  why don’t I just be your girl friend. We don’t have to do anything. Just like in the soap operas. I want my life to be one big soap opera. Besides you can go anywhere you want. And do whatever you want. I want vimukti from grihasti. Ah...the freedom and independence that will go with it.”


Ashwin “I have never said no to you dear.  It’s in our wedding contract. If you want something for 5 years, I will give it to you and if made with a sound mind and body. But this is too much. I want everyone to see you as my wife in the United States.”

“That’s easy. I get a complete health check up every year.”

Ashwin’s aide “So she is still  negotiating her release from your prison Sir. Don’t say yes so easily. Ask what you will get out of it.” And smiles.

“Ok What can I get out of it.”

Whispers to his brother “When did we register our marriage.  Our common law wedding will be recognised in Texas.I am going to get 2 more kids out of it. Both must be boys.”

“How about another child and another through a donor process afterwards.”

Mrinalini “My my now you are talking. You bargain hard.  Ok Ok, who says there is anything like a free meal in this world. That will give us 5 kids altogether. Hope they are boys. I want a boy who looks as handsome as you are. We already have 2 girls and a boy. We will have them in America.”

“She is flattering you Sir”

“Let me think about it.”

“No deal unless you  sign the contract right now. You said in your wedding vows that you would keep your wife happy.”

“Even after 15 years of marriage?!”

“Yes “

“Ok I must say the idea is appealing and we will have finally made it to the USA. All we have to do is sign some papers.”

“Ah... the freedom and independence of being a girl friend. I have played the role of wife long enough. I am going to disappear for a while and come back as girl friend. I am going to change my name to Arin Monique. Change some of the terms of the contract. I have to maintain his interest in me.”

“ We can even live apart. Good ! No more housewife duties for me. And change your name dear to something more American like. How about Victor  Dekoning.

Ashwin  “No need to change our names. That will be difficult legally.  Besides new passports and birth certificates cost. They will be aliases.”

“Great! I will draw up an agreement and get it checked by my lawyer. I promise to give you 2 kids. We are not married anymore. And then we become Americans. No registration of relationship in the USA.”

She thinks to herself Ah... I don’t have to get his permission for everything.  I am going to buy an estate and live on it. Arrange for the locals to take care of my new kids. I am getting too old to run after them. They will grow up wild and free, and see only me when they are really young. I already have the gadgets to raise them without manual help.  I don’t feel like a wife anymore.  Let’s see if our relationship stands the test of time. Ashwin is at a stage when he is ambitious and all he can think of is his work.”

10 years later. Victor has been busy and has not seen Mrinalini in 9 years though he keeps track of his kids and wife. He had visited his kids at University.

Mrinalini  to Victor “I am going to China for 10 years. There are international Universities there. Education is more affordable and we can live in Xing Xiang, it’s a very international world with people from different countries there. I have found a job there. You travel a lot and are so busy. I am not asking you, I am telling you. My knowledge of Chinese languages will come useful. Not that it is necessary. Everyone speaks English in Xing Xiang. We haven’t seen each other in 9 years. I am leaving you for ever. You still think of me as a wife. The kids are all settled in life.”

Victor laughs. “I am busy. Call me later.”

Victor loves his wilful Katherine. She has a good head on her shoulders and is pragmatic, fun loving and has kept his interest all these years. Not that he would leave her. He had married her after much consideration, and made sure she suited him. He took his commitment seriously but of late he has been feeling the stirrings of desire for something other than his work.”

6 months later he tries to contact Mrinalini .. No response from her end. He calls up his eldest.
“Do you know where mom is ?”

“I thought she was with you. No dad I haven’t seen her in a year. I get messages from her. Don’t know where in China she is.  No need to be worried dad, mom doesn't use email”

“No, nothing to worry about”

Wish he had made more time for her. He did not even remember what she looked like. He remembered vaguely about her going somewhere. He had not been exactly faithful to her. He has discreetly been using a escort service since the beginning of last year. A lady  who had no other clients. Maybe she knew this would happen and therefore had not married him, leaving him free to do as he wished. He was not interested in a relationship anymore.

Ashwin goes over his conversation with his daughter. What did she mean when she said I thought she was with you. He calls his daughter again.

“What did you mean when you said....”

“Yes dad She told me 6 months ago that you had come back but you look different. She is having trouble living with you Dad. “What city does she live in ?”

“Xing Xiang”

Ashwin uses all his resources to locate Mrinalini.

He decides to take the first flight out to China but travel in comfort and style. Now that he has the money, he doesn’t want to lose his lady friend.

He arrives at her place. The fellow does look a lot like him. He calls Mrinalini and tells her to come home as soon as possible. There are photos of her with the kids. She still looks pretty and fetching.

When she comes home she recognises him instantly and swoons in his arms. When she recovers she says “Thank god you are here. How I have missed you. Living with my room mate for 3 years has got me all confused.”

“I am glad I am here too. Been ages since we have seen each other.  It’s just like old times. We have made it. We are rich. I love you as much as ever. We have the rest of our lives to be together, girl friend.”

“True. I think I will get a job in the US with my experience here. How about you take me home. Meanwhile let me show you the beauty of China.”

..................THE END


© Copyright 2020 Katherine Kelly Lang. All rights reserved.

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