The King's Dilemma - The Sequel

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: August 22, 2016

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Submitted: August 22, 2016



Continued From  "The King's Dilemma- Introduction" 

The King’s Dilemma – The Sequel

The King “What do I do now? Whom do I marry?”

“Marry one of my aides or a suitable common law partner?” The King’s dad doesn’t know that there was more than one donor for the kids with the help of modern technology. There is truth in the fact that she has children from more than one partner. She gives her dad the details. "No hiding it from you Sir", She says.

She is of average height 5 feet 6 inches and wants a man who would be reasonably tall for her.  A man fit to be a King. She convinces her Dad that she is not ready for marriage and has decided to stay King. Her siblings will help rule the large Kingdom.  In her life she has yet to find everlasting love. She decides to search her world for a suitable partner. She dresses up as a commoner and moves among her subjects, as she does once in a while. There are many visitors to the place on temporary visas. She takes up residence in a secure dwelling with one of her aides and her children.  She attends local parties, goes to the beach for a walk and connects to the community there. Also the shopping centre and gets familiar with the parents at the kids’ school.

Many a attractive man can be found walking on the beach trial.  Among them are many who look like her cardboard figure. They are all single she knows. Married men come out with their families on weekends. She makes an effort to get to know all of them. She has been at this place for 3 years now. She doesn’t have to do too much as the Kingdom is being taken care of by her siblings. All she has to do is provide advice. She is in no hurry to find a husband, if ever. There is a living for ever, after all. She is used to her celibate life and quite enjoys it.  She has created an artist’s impression of the man of her dreams. She sends her details and profile photos to a elite dating site where privacy is respected.  A man who would like her as much as she would him. She attaches a picture of the man of her dreams. She calls him her cardboard figure.

She has grown to love Vikram. She also considers a man she met while working as a air hostess. He is handsome and has taken her out for dinner a couple of times.  He is dad to her 5th child and the only one born by natural means. She loves both of them. His name is Matt Victor Suri.  She wants to eventually migrate to the United States and the States does not recognise polygamy. So whom should she marry ?

Her aide receives a call from a gentleman asking them to meet at a restaurant for dinner. He will be seated at a table not far from theirs. It is a small family restaurant  not far from home. He informs her that he is from the dating agency. The gentleman doesn’t know that she has been referred by the agency. He is meeting up with the aide, whom he has met a few years ago. The aide says he has to keep the dinner short as he is visiting his family afterwards. The King’s name is Kaitlyn.
She is feeling restless today. It has been a long day with nothing much to do. Everyone has been busy and she is feeling the need for company.  They arrive at the restaurant and order cool drinks as it’s a warm day. The kids are busy chatting with each other. Dinner is great and as is the custom of the restaurant, the family than runs it , comes up for a chat and photographs. As the aide pays the bill Kaitlyn looks around. Who does she see but her cardboard figure. She smiles unconsciously at him and he smiles back. It’s as though they have known each other all their lives. She can feel the love they have for each other. Her kids demand her attention and when she looks around again, he is nowhere to be seen. Obviously her date has been delayed.

Who was he? The restaurant is known for it’s distinguished guests. Somebody important. That’s for sure. He obviously knows her well. Where did she meet him before ? She calls the restaurant manager and asks him to give her the guest list for the evening. “Some of the people here just come for cool drinks Mam. I know each and everyone personally.” Kaitlyn shows him a photo of her cardboard figure.

“This gentleman? Let me check my list. He is from Atlantas. He is leaving next week to go back to Atlantas.  Atlantas is a neighbouring town. He visits every 3 months for 2 weeks.” She takes his address and gets her aide to go through her data base and find out where she first met him. He probably looked a little different then.

The aide gets back to her and tells her this gentleman must have seen her when she went for daily walks at the beach.

She contacts him and they chat. Another man to love. He is suitable in all ways.

She tells him she is a King. She has come to a decision. She decides to marry Vikram, Suri and the gentleman from Atlantas.  They agree after some persuasion. 

Her dad is pleased “ Not one , not two, 3 suitable Kings for the large Kingdom.”

Dad “I have decided to stay here. I am not going to migrate to the USA.”

A month later

The King Kathyln " I can't do it. I want one man, not 3 who will be mine for eternity. I am not ready to settle down yet. Maybe I never will be."

She calls her dad up and tells him firmly "Dad call off the engagement. Give all 3 of them King status. Vikram already has it. I will decide later. By the way Dad, I have a job offer. As an actor. It will keep me busy and active. Don't be surprised if I look different next time I see you. I have gone blonde and they changed my face a little. I look 56. I am coming home for a holiday and I will prepare for my acting exams at home. I am bringing the kids with me."

She is planning to move to California. She decides to fund a Producer in return for a small suitable part in his production. She has looked up American ways and decides to move all her 3 men there. She will date them discreetly, American style. As an actor, she can look different and play her part in real life. All 3 men would have forgotten her by now. She also has plans to buy a Hospital and gets her aide to make an offer Vikram can’t refuse. His extensive skills would come useful.

Matt owns a real estate business that he can handle from anywhere. The gentleman from Atlantas is an Athelete.  He could easily find a job here.  His name is  Jeff. All 3 have had exposure to the United States so settling in would not be a problem. She buys a house on the edge of town and also the surrounding parks in the place with access to the beach. Her aide acts as a Head Hunter and calls up Jeff, offering him a job, if he is interested. It would further his career. His job would require use of the beach she has bought.  Jeff takes the bait. Kathyln has their interests at heart. They are probably both relieved and disappointed at the same time, that she called off the engagement. “She thinks to herself. They did find her attractive.’

2 months later. Kathyln has moved to California. Her kids are all excited and pleased that they have moved the USA. They have started going to school. Kathyln is a King. Not the everyday womanly duties for her. She has not hired house help. She can live in a comfortable mess. Besides the kids have been taught to handle themselves. She enjoys preparing meals for the kids.

 She has joined a online creative artists community. She advertises for a male house mate, so that the kids will have a father figure in their life. Her house is in a lucrative location, close to schools, shops and the local University. She is learning to communicate in the American way.

She calls up her dad, “Why don’t you visit us dad?” And she tells him about the place. She tells him she is a very different person here. She is liking it here and mostly works independently from home.”

Kaitlyn goes on her daily walk. She sits on a bench at the park overlooking the beach. It being a school holidays there are plenty of people here. A man comes and sit down next to her.

“Hi “


“Are you American?” She asks

He nods his head but does not give his name.

She feels strangely comfortable with him.

He is well built but not athletic, reasonably tall for an American, and wears glasses.

She is surprised he is not wearing contact lenses.

He tells her he doesn’t need glasses. The one’s he is wearing help him see through the haze out on to the beach. He gives them to her and says “ Keep it. I have several pairs at home. You can adjust it for your eyesight.”

“Oh! I have normal eyesight.”

Kaityln muses “ Life works in mysterious ways. How I long for a mate but where am I going to find a relationship that will last for eternities. After all, there is a living for ever. People change with time. I think I will give up on marriage. I am happier the way I am. There are ways to handle one’s sexuality, I have been taught that. Must learn the American ways. All in good time.”

She asks him if he knows any volunteer agency. He tells her of one and asks her what services she can offer. It’s safe he tells her.

Kaitlyn tells him she can do practically anything one can think of.

“Do you come here often ?” Kaitlyn asks

“ Every Wednesday. It’s my day off from work. I come at this time and relax here.  A little earlier depending on the weather. Have done it for years now.”  He tells her politely

“Your family doesn’t come with you ?”

“I am not married and my family lives in New York.” He tells her patiently.

They sit in companionable silence and after ½ hour, he leaves.

Kaitlyn thinks “So hard being single. It’s like a constant ache.” She resolves to come here every Wednesday. Such a nice man. Americans she finds tend to be thinner and slender than other nations. They are also bursting in self confidence. Every single one of them.

She sees Vikram. He waves to her. She feels better. She waits. He will come up to her when he finishes work in 10 minutes.

A month later

She gets an email saying she has got a job in a hospital.  It’s been forwarded by the Artists online community website. Her job is to entertain patients why they wait to be allocated beds and rooms. She has a month to prepare for it. She recruits her oldest 2 for the job. Her children have been teaching her American Drama and acting as they are taught in schools. Kaitlyn knows most of it and one day hopes to get a big acting job. The producer, now her friend, is on the lookout for her.  She has style and substance. He has established himself in the Artists community and is throwing a party to which she is invited. She is teaching her kids all she knows about acting and creative writing.  She shrugs of her aching heart to the fact that she has been too creative. She decides to volunteer at the kid’s school.  Teach kids martial arts and leadership skills. Plans to throw a party for her 2nd kid’s birthday  and hopes to befriend the moms and dads in the community. Money she has plenty of, so she is under no pressure to work. 

Her weekly meet up with her new found American beach mate is progressing well. 

She calls up the hospital and they agree to show her around the ward. She has come up with a scenario that the patients would like. She takes 4 real security guards from the hospital in their free time to a neighbour’s house, promising them showers and a place to rest and a laundry plus paid phone calls to their families for 2 weeks. Some of them work 3 months without going home.  The neighbour obliges for a fee. They arrange 2 weeks when the neighbours are going away for 2 weeks. She decides to train and apply make up to the security guards there.

“All in return for an acting job! All you have to do is escort me into the ward. She is going in as a patient. The acting company is paying her quite well. She thinks, maybe I should start an acting agency. All in good time. She plans to call the ward the Hollywood Sheds.  :-0.  She contacts the artists online community and asks for some help with dressing up American. The patients are told that the ward is being used by a production company and they are all interested in contributing. Each of them has a few minutes in the short tele film. Her eldest says, “Mum I will film it. They are teaching us how to, at school. Her kids have not yet been told that their mom is a King. It is going to be an elaborate drama and she has an hour for her part in it. She offers her services in filming and direction but the company says they are fine for now. Maybe later on.”

“Great ! your brother can help you with it.” Replies Kaitlyn

She likes her American friend a lot.  She asks him if he would marry her.  He says he will think about it. Next day he brings his family and introduces them to her.  So what does it mean she asks.

He doesn't reply.

"This is my mom and that's my Uncle. My dad works in Esperence. It's time I got to know your name"

"I am Kaitlyn."

"What a pretty name" says his mom. " My Richard hasn't told me anything about you."

Kaityln "I am a King and I have 5 kids"

Richard's mom to Richards "Take her take her, you won't get any better than that."

Richard's uncle " What is the use of a poor King. How loaded are you ?"

"I am super rich and I like Richard. But I have 5 kids, born by a donor process."

"Hmmm. What is that !?"

Richard to his mom " I will explain later"

"Any man in your life ? Any ex husbands?"

"No I am not married. Too busy" Says Kaitlyn

Richard's Uncle " Comes with kids, you have a ready made family. Will Richard's children become King?"

Kaityln " Wonderful! More children for my Kingdom, my dad will be pleased! Yes they will"

Richard " Jokes aside , what do you think ? Not that I am asking you"

"She will do! A King ha..n!"

"I am an actress here," says Kaitlyn

" My Richard may not be rich but he is head of Clinical Services.That's no easy job here. My my the people he knows! He can make you famous overnight. I may only be his mom, but he is a very handsome man." 

"He can make me famous? " says Kaitlyn

"Don't you know anything about him ?"

"No! But I like him all the same"

Richard's Uncle " She only likes him, not loves him.!"


Kaitlyn " I will bring my kids to the beach this weekend"

"Better still, bring them over to grandma's place afterwards.  Her cakes are the best in the world. They are to die for."

Richard to Kaitlyn, " What does your dad say?"

"I have sent him your photo. I am waiting to hear from him. He has probably taken the first flight out" And giggles.

Richard tells Kaityln " I am going to become President one day. It will take 10 years but i will make it. I am a confident man. "

And so the King found love and lived happily ever after.


%%%% The End  %%%%



© Copyright 2020 Katherine Kelly Lang. All rights reserved.

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