The Beginning of the End

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

This story is about the Greek mythological characters Jason and Medea, in a modern era. It's story that I had to write for school. Enjoy this fan fiction that I wrote in an hour.

“Jason! Hurry up,” Medea yelled out to her partner in crime outside of an alley way. When he emerged from around the dark corner she whispered, “We need to leave before people begin to notice us.” Medea tried to wipe the blood off of her shirt, and she slipped her knife into her bag.

“It’s okay. There were no witnesses,” Jason said, stammering to catch his breath. “I got their wallets.”

They ran through the dark, damp streets of New York. Mugging people for money wasn’t always a clean job, especially when Medea was involved. Jason grabbed her hand as they swiftly moved towards their car parked across the way. It had always been Medea’s idea to kill the victims, brutally too. Jason was always a little scared of her. Sometimes he thought that teaming up with her was a mistake.

As Jason drove the Impala down the highway with Medea at his side, the radio released a news broadcast, “It has been reported that a couple was brutally murdered on Rutherford Place and East 15th Street earlier this evening. At this time there are no witnesses or suspects of the cri-” Medea turned the station off with her green eyes filled with rage.

“What’s wrong? That’s a good thing,” Jason said while scratching his head.

“I just really don’t want to hear about what happened,” Medea replied.

“Okay,” Jason said, but he was really thinking, “You crazy bitch. You change your mind too much. You enjoy killing people but then you get all depressed about it?!?” But he decided not to say anything about it, not while knowing what she can do.

They drove for hours outside of Brooklyn, and stopped at a little motel just outside of Harrisburg that said “vacancy” in big red letters. The motel room was disgusting on the inside. It smelled of cheap alcohol and sweat. The door didn’t have a lock, and the television only had 2 working channels. Both were news stations.

“How long will we need to stay here?” Medea asked Jason while investigating the bed.

“However long it takes for the press to settle down,” Jason replied, but seemed distracted.

Medea was always unsure about their relationship. They travelled together, stole together, and recently killed together while trying to make a living on the run for 3 years. Jason kidnapped Medea when she was only 18, while she was walking down a dark street. Jason never harmed her, he was just in need of her help, and he promised her the best life that she could ever have. She helped him because she felt like there was a honest connection between them. She never liked her life at home anyway. She grew up being involved with dark magic, Satanism, and witchcraft.  Her father and everyone at school hated her. She always thought that it wouldn’t make a difference if she disappeared, and decided that it was better to be with Jason.

Jason barely slept in the uncomfortable motel bed, and awoke to the sound of the television being played. It was another broadcast, “Witnesses of the Rutherford attack last night have given police statements about what they saw. A neighbour noticed an unfamiliar car parked across the street, and at approximately 10:00pm they saw a couple running towards the vehicle which is believed to be a black Impala. The convicts are described as male and female Caucasians. Both victims have slashes on their abdomens in the shape of a pentagram. The police are taking further action and linking other -“ Jason was sitting up now, staring at Medea who was sitting on the edge of the couch in silence. They got up and left without saying a word.

“Let’s go to Baltimore. We can lay low somewhere with the money we have. We have about $3000 to live on,” Jason finally said when they got in the car, “We might need to lose the car when we get there. It’s too suspicious driving it already. I don’t know. I’ll figure something out.” Jason was confused. He was perplexed about their current situation as well as his relationship with Medea.

Medea watched him as he drove. His expression was difficult to read. His eyes were fixed on the road, but it was as if he was day dreaming about something terrible. Their drive was silent, up until they stopped for gas.

“Don’t get out of the car. I need to make an important phone call,” Jason barked at Medea as he closed the car door.

Medea was stunned by this and thought, “Who would he be calling? What’s more important than getting away right now?” She watched a family walk by as she thought. They looked so happy. Medea saw the two parents have a passionate kiss as their kids giggled at the sight.

“Why can’t I have that? Jason…” she said to herself, grazing her bottom lip. Jason broke her trance as he got back in the car after paying the gas attendant for filling up. He looked somewhat happy, almost relieved. Jason was actually content, which made Medea feel a little bit more comfortable around him, but it was strange to her.

“I know someone in Atlantic City that can help us out. He’s got a really nice place too. We can try to live a normal life there. Start over,” Jason finally expressed.

“That’s amazing!” Medea exclaimed, as she went to rest her head on Jason’s shoulder. When she touched him, he shrugged her off. She hadn’t felt his embrace in a long time. One time when they were struggling to survive with less than $5.00, Medea was attacked by a drunk outside of a bar. Jason heard her scream and came to her rescue, and he held her for a long time as she cried… but that was two years ago. She hasn’t felt him since.

When Medea sat back in her seat, the car was filled with awkward silence. Her joy had dissipated once again. When they made it to New Jersey, they stopped outside of a tall and fancy hotel. There was a sweet smell of steak and wine coming from the restaurant in the lobby. It made Medea’s mouth water. The lobby was filled with rich people clicking their expensive shoes on the slick marble flooring. Jason and Medea were filthy in comparison, deeply in need of showers and new clothes. Medea’s plaid shirt was tattered, and her hair was a brunette mess in a bun. When they got into the elevator, Medea looked into the mirrors trying to adjust her hair with whatever she had in her bag. Her bag was her life. She carried a weapon and extra cash just in case they had to get away quickly, but she always had a brush. Jason pressed the button that said “24 SUITE”. When the door opened they were greeted by a handsome man dressed in a crisp 3 piece black suit, and he exclaimed, “Jason! It’s great to see you,” as he went in for a hug.

“Heracles! It’s been too long my friend. How have you been?” Jason asked him as they embraced. Medea stared at them, confused with who this man was.

“I’ve been great, living the life of a bachelor. I miss you man, you were the best dealing partner I ever had. Oh, who’s this?” Heracles said. Medea looked at him in shock.

“Oh, this is Medea. She’s my partner in crime,” Jason said. Medea smiled.

“It’s nice to meet you,” Medea said to Heracles, shaking his hand. She thought to herself, “What exactly did Jason used to deal?” Heracles seemed nice enough to her though, it couldn’t have been that bad.

“Alright let’s get you guys inside and freshened up. We’re going hard tonight. It’s time to celebrate!” Heracles said as he opened the doors to his suite. The loft was amazingly huge. It was covered with bright silver and cream walls and floors, perched with massive flat screen TV’s and countless videogames. Heracles was rich; there was no doubt about that. Everything looked as if it were from the Kardashian house. Every item screamed dollar bills.

After they were all washed up and looking for outfits, Heracles called someone at the front desk, “Ploutos, yes. Bring up your finest female collection. Vegas style, sizes 2-4.” Jason was tucking in his shirt and doing up his tie as he smiled at Medea who was standing in a towel a room away. Countless dresses, shoes, and purses emerged from the suite doors on a cart. Medea chose a red and black sparkled dress with black stilettos and a matching clutch. When she came out of the bathroom, Jason and Heracles stared in awe. Jason thought, “She is so beautiful. If only her mind were as sweetly composed.

“Oh Jason, this is for you.” Heracles said as he handed him a bag full of cash, I.D, and a cell phone. The trio made their way to the lobby when Heracles led them outside to a limousine. They popped a champagne bottle as they drove.

“Where are we going?” Medea asked.

“Dusk Nightclub, baby. One of the hottest clubs around,” Heracles said, smiling.

When they arrived at the club, they entered as V.I.P because of Heracles’ fame. They entered the booming building and sat at a fancy table. “What do you do exactly?” Medea shouted to Heracles over the loud music.

“I do a lot of business with a lot of rich clients... per se. Jason was my partner about 8 years ago. He got into some trouble and had to leave town. The last I heard, he was stumbling in Boston after getting sacked by some clients over a bad sale. All he was left with was his car.” He replied, after taking a sip of tequila.

“Why didn’t he come back to you?” Medea asked, curiously.

“We ended on sort of a bad note, but we’re still like brothers. I would’ve always accepted him back,” he said, taking more sips. Medea thought that there was more to the story, but she didn’t want to nag. The night was about celebrating a new life. Jason and Medea got up to dance after drinking their Mai Tai’s. They got extremely close on the dance floor, and Medea felt that connection with him again.

All of a sudden, Jason stopped dancing and looked at his watch. “I’ll be back,” he said, and he walked towards the club entrance. Medea wasn’t just going to let him walk out on her like that, so she followed him. He went outside and turned the corner, Medea could slightly hear him talking on the phone, “Hey Glauce. Yeah she’s here… It’s not a good time right now… we’ll have to finish it soon but not yet… at the hotel... Okay, bye.” Jason turned and saw that he had been followed. He was stiff.

“Who was that?” Medea asked, with clear indignation in her voice.

“Nobody. Let’s go back inside.” Jason replied, obviously keeping something from her. He grabbed her hand, but she rejected him.

“You’re a horrible person! I can’t believe you!” Medea started screaming outside of the club, “I trusted you!” she began to cry.

“I haven’t done anything! You’re being emotional. It was nobody.” Jason replied, trying to keep his cool. He wiped her tears away, and gave her a hug. Medea learned to never trust a hug, because you can never see the person’s expression. She didn’t believe him at all. She slipped his phone out of his pocket, and ran down the busy street. She heard Jason calling from behind her, but she didn’t care. She was too furious to care about anything.

“Heracles we need to go. Medea’s getting away. It’s going to ruin the entire operation.” Jason said, with eyes of terror. They got in the limousine and went in the direction that Medea ran.

She made it to the hotel and frantically searched for a place to go. She found the maid’s office and barged in, taking her knife out of her clutch. “Don’t move.” She said to the one maid getting changed for duty. “I need to borrow one of your garments. Give them to me and I’ll let you go.” She said calmly.

“Okay… just put down the knife.” The maid replied, scared but sounding calm. Medea smiled and put the knife back in her purse. The maid decided to make a run for it. Medea caught her by her hair and slit her throat. Medea smiled and laughed, slitting it over and over again. After she put the maids’ lifeless body into a heap of laundry, she changed her clothes and went back into the lobby. She looked at Jason’s phone and saw that he had been talking to this Glauce girl since yesterday. All of their conversations had to do with her.

Suddenly Jason, Heracles, and a woman walked into the lobby. A woman screamed from the office in horror. She found her co-worker. “Things are about to get messy.” Medea thought as she watched the trio go into the elevator from behind a pillar. She took the next one up and followed them to Heracles’ suite, ignoring the scene going on behind her.

She listened through the door, but couldn’t hear anything. She yelled, “room service!” as she opened the door. She noticed that all of the lights were off. It was a trap, a stupid mistake on her part. And all of a sudden, everything went black. Glauce had hit her over the head with a damper rod.

“Cuff her.” Glauce said to Heracles. She turned to Jason and said, “I want to thank you for your services. It’s been a pleasure working with you. Here’s the $50,000 as promised.” She handed him a brief case full of cash. Jason had been calling Glauce ever since the incident in New York. He thought that enough was enough, which is why he called Glauce from the gas station. Because of his involvement with the CIA, and because all of the murders were done by Medea, Jason was allowed to walk away as a free man. Heracles was also a member of the CIA, staging as a wealthy dealer.

Glauce called for her recruits, and when Medea gained consciousness, she was escorted downstairs by CIA members and police. “Jason! Jason, my love, help me!” she said, attempting to cry, and after no response she screamed, “I hate you! I hope you die! I’ll come for you! You promised me great things you asshole!”

When she was finally put in the back of a truck, Jason said to Glauce, “She’s crazy. She needs help. Give her some form of medical attention if you want her to act civil.” Glauce smiled at him and touched his arm.

“We’ll try. In the meantime, why don’t you and I go get a drink?” she replied, smiling at him. Jason nodded in response, and let out a heavy breath as if all of the weight was lifted off of his shoulders.

Medea now sits in solitary confinement in an underground cell of a prison in New Jersey and is sentenced to life in prison for the murders of 7 people. Each of them had pentagrams on their abdomens. Jason never knew about these. Every time that a male officer goes in to serve the crazed girl her food, she rocks back and forth in a corner, while smiling and says, “Jason. We’re all dead, but the devil tells me you’re his favourite.”

Submitted: November 24, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Katherine Oswald. All rights reserved.

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Wow! This was a wondrfully evil piece! the slitting of the maids throat was real shocker! I enjoyed it!

Thu, May 7th, 2015 5:38am

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