a relaxing day on holiday

The waft of a foreign cigarette is heavy in coconut filled air,

Makes my partially solidified jelly insides gurgle with disgust.

The long necked flamingoes are brazen in their dance and call,

Reminds me of morning birds with gossip ridden cries for attention.

With no respect for quiet and disrupt it with every breeze gust.

I smell Ann’s laundry room

The toxic universal smell of clean.

Will be filled with laughing children whose languages I don’t understand,

My drink is cold, the paper cup flimsy with sweat

My sip is too large and my temples ache and my eyes water.

The sun dances and caresses my skin

Gently like a secret lover in a hideaway moment

The cloudless sky brings a summer day

In the middle of my world’s winter.

My flesh is not protected and my lover scorches

Every inch of my tender skin

Ola ! Ola ! Ola! Lady lady ladEE!!!

Looky looky- cheapy-cheapy

The peddlers call out and interrupt the non existent quiet

The white noise of kids, waves and music

They try to claim my attention with their charms

My dollars for their wares.

As I look up, I see a girl taking selfies with her bubble gum nipples

Erect in the sunny breeze

A naked young babe takes a handful of sand

And scrubs it into his boyness

The mother laughs - the father cringes.

The sun is my seductive lover

And she lures me with her kisses in the winds

She has crisped my skin

And weakened my soul

Despite my oil offerings

I will come back to this sandy haven

Perhaps next time to stay


Submitted: June 22, 2018

© Copyright 2023 Kathleen Carroll. All rights reserved.

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What a complete picture you manage to conjure -- the good and the cringe-worthy. Thanks for that moment on the beach.

Fri, June 22nd, 2018 8:25pm

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