A soothing thought

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About Tea, also connected to 'A Soothing Sip'. This poem references witch craft and the power of reading tea leaves.

Submitted: September 27, 2011

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Submitted: September 27, 2011




Grown from a plant

seeped in a bag

the aromas enchant

the air. While reading a mag

the taste softens the blow

steamed like a fag.

Bittersweet plunges the flow

refreshing and rejuvenating

each soothing sip oozes the glow.

The webbed-bag of leaves stimulating

lifts a load off shoulders. Allowing us to find

time to perceive the world and its dominating

powers of administration.

Each soothing sip eases the mind.

As we explore invuluation [1]...

Our senses unwind,

each soothing sip a sensation.

After, we can see what we are destined. [2]

[1] Making images for witchcraft

[2] As tea leaves can be read to find out the future.


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