my trust.

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poetry from year 9. For you.

Submitted: July 19, 2012

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Submitted: July 19, 2012




i sing a song

for all to hear

but the only one

far and near

is the wall i speak to

i cry on

i see

the wall which reflects

who believes in me.

the wall who tells me i’m perfect

no more need to rehearse

that the poem is stopped

at just the right verse.

someone who gives 

me advice on my life

on whether to bear it and smile

or take down with a knife.

someone who tells me

i’m fine

and there’s no need to worry

and my life’s right in pace

and there’s no need to hurry.

someone who’s been there

through thick and through thin

through the losses of life

and the highest to win.

someone who’s put up

with my tears and my sadness

with my rage and my anger

with my fears and my gladness.

someone who knows me 

inside and out

someone who hears me

without having to shout.

i can tell them anything

knowing they’ll catch me when i fall.

but i need to realize

i’m just speaking

to a wall.

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