the breaking.

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poetry from year 9. for Joan, and the times we broke.

Submitted: July 19, 2012

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Submitted: July 19, 2012




a broken girl with a broken past

searching for someone to make things last

hoped for a day that she had drawn

looking back to find that her past is gone

writing a world hazing with smoke

where people fix what they once broke

she wakes up to realize it’s not what she deemed

a dream, impossible, never to be seen

standing in the desert and hoping for Raine

lacking the numbness to dull out the pain

a taste of wine upon her tongue

instantly gone for what she had done

but she had the sand

she squeezed each grape

sweat and terror dripping down to her nape

she punishes herself for the way that she felt

she cheater her way of the hand she was dealt

falling asleep to the world of perfection

she shatter the beauty inside her reflection

nightmares are better than this flawless place

the first time she sees passion on her face

the first time she’s notices

she first time she’s right

the first time she sees stars shine through the night

falling into a place made for her to be

she hates how it’s something that she’ll never see

it’s fake

it’s not real

she had just dreamt it up

she knows that reality won’t ever be enough

a crazy, wild dream

she made in her head

screaming at night whilst she’s tied to her bed

blood dripping down

her vision is spotty

as she inflicted the pain she felt on her body

a broken girl with a broken life

she blindingly searches as she takes to her knife.

© Copyright 2018 Kathryn Thorne. All rights reserved.

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