the only way.

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Poetry from year 8

Submitted: July 19, 2012

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Submitted: July 19, 2012




on the board, silent except

the sounds of students afar, echoing the strong anticipation

of curious water acrobats, and the spectators who come to watch

the attempt made of pure bravery. courage. trust.


I step and am suddenly aware of

all the eyes on me.  Ants on honey, eating up the last standing

strand of fearlessness left. It is just me and the board

no help. no supplements. no cheat sheets.

the only way to show you don’t need them: going in.


second thoughts pass me for their fifth time ‘round.

but stopping now would be failure. and the water beckons

with splashes, lapping up my hopes and dreams and happiness;

the only way to get them back: going in.


and in the air I fly, letting my body, thoughts, and mind soar.

bliss seeps through me, as no words can escape me, my eyes open with blank tranquility,

a fire of excitement licks my stomach’s winged inhabitants.  inner peace

is here, but as fast as it comes, it leaves my embracing arms, with tears slipping down its face.

the only way to get it back: to rejoin the enchantment.

to dive once more.


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