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Inspired by the movie "The Invisible."

Submitted: August 21, 2007

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Submitted: August 21, 2007



i'm the only one that can hear you
you're telling me everything i don't want to hear
and i'm angry and i'm broken
you whisper you can't run, they'll find you
but i try anyways because i don't believe in you
so i try to disguise myself
which isn't hard to do because i'm not myself
everyday i wear my hair under a hat
i zip up my jacket
and look as tough as i can
because that's the only person i know how to be
but for a few minutes on the dance floor
i run away
i let down my hair
and take off my coat
and let a smile explode across my face
i'm not the girl with bruises and scars
i'm not battling another problem
i'm not fighting anyone
and i see you in the crowd
and you're watching me blossom
you tell me with your eyes
that you think i'm beautiful
and i start to cry because
i've never thought that about myself
i would die for you
i would give every bad thing i've ever done
to be able to do one good thing for you
i would do it all over again right
if you wanted me to
because i want you
to show me who i am again
you know who i am
i need to know
but i've learned the hard way
you can't keep what you never had
you're the only thing special about me
i wish i were you
and you were me
and we could both be Annie

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