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the beginning of life, Evolution. how Life started.

Submitted: May 01, 2009

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Submitted: May 01, 2009




first sustainable life,

one celled organisms in strife,

water's absorbed by the air,

till the sky rains,

waters too much to bare,

water trickles on the naked earth,

letting organisms create grass as girth,

organisms found a way,

to multiply their cells that day,

oxygen used by the grass and shrub,

for the first time,

circulation's dubbed,

Millions of years have passed,

yet no feet to smash the grass,

But Wait! Something's happened beneath the waves,

Jellyfish, eels, the first backbone braves,

Back on land trees have grown,

under water what has grown is bones,

munching kelp and water weeds,

one looks toward the weak to eat,

Predators have evolved,

natural order has started it's reign and feat

So Mothers look for a place not too vulnerable,

Above water might be a place suitable?

To lay their eggs that'll hatch in time,

and all they know is to survive,

Upon land trees are board,

until they've realized all the energy stored,

will keep them awake as this story unfolds,

Millions of years pass and fish fins get old,

What's This!? Could It Be?! LEGS!

they don't work well,

but on land they'll lay eggs,

that don't have to rush to the pulsing shores,

although they need water,

they have developed pores.

Salamanders three feet long,

frogs with stretchy tongues,

animals, how far they've come,

Can't stop now, so much to do,

amphibians creating reptiles have fueled,

the first complete land animal has jeweled,

not much food on land though,

two sets split up now,

food's where they'll go,

one travels to shore to snatch out critters close to ocean,

the others stayed and started chewing the grass in portion,

The trees have seen so much,

so they use animals to help them seed with offers of delicious Mayapples,

Billions of years pass by like flipped pages,

and big Dinosaurs have ruled for ages,

Something bright,

smell of burning,

Something big,

something turning

Something smashes, Earthshakes, Dino Steaks,

Sun blocked out for days from dust came from outerspace,

A hole in the sky gets flooded with gases,

what hasn't died yet will be in for crisis,

Temperatures skyrocket and Earth is Baked,

C-C-Climate change,

frozen arctic tundra,

Almost everything on Earth dies,

and what hasn't is gonna,

Adapting to their new enviroment,

Mammals strive by evolving to fit challenge,

Warm-Blooded scavengers pick at bones for even cartalidge,

as the mammals grow,

so do their hearts,

with every step toward evolution they're doin their part,

Millions of years passed and primeapes are getting sharper,

with every challenge,they can think to conquer,

they train and grow to one day speak,

But it'll be Man that stands at that peak.

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