Leap of Faith

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Forgive me Father for I have sinned. It has been too long since my last confession.

Submitted: April 16, 2008

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Submitted: April 16, 2008



It's coming, it's creeping, it's engulfing the page

This doubt and this need to write

About being headed in the wrong direction

The noise is deafening with the pain behind my eyes worsening

And the blood is draining, dripping, falling- all inside

It's forcing itself upon you, in the most charming way

Like the dancers in the strip club next door

But she'll never be ashamed of what she did,

Not as long as you cross her mind

She'll write your name in the steam on the shower door

And circle your picture in the magazines

She doesn't need another reason to walk away

Just one good one to stay gone

She kicks herself for all the mistakes she made

Her favorite one being you

When you close your eyes, I'll bet you can feel her

I'll bet you can taste her

Maybe you can even imagine her in the room

Well, honey, soak up those moments

I'm afraid that is all you will get these days

Don't hold your breath for songs in your voicemail

Or late night visits- "just to say hello"

Don't wait up long because she doesn't plan on coming back

At least not tonight

You should have kissed her goodbye when you had the chance

But now the violins are playing

And the curtain is closing and the credits are scrolling

And her hand is wavying goodbye out the car window

As she rolls it up and turns the music volume to loud

And the noise is deafening with the pain in her heart

Not nearly as bad as the thorn in her side

Which has finally been released

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