Let's Pretend Like It Never Happened

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can we just forget it happened?

Submitted: September 14, 2007

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Submitted: September 14, 2007



Run my fingers in circles across your chest

Trace the lines down and between my legs

Heart beat quickens, hormones race, movie ends

Porch lights, goodnight-goodbyes

Lean in close, nose to nose, lips to lips

Here we go

Four years anticipated, fanticized, wanted

Four minutes of lusting at the front door

Clear your throat, swallow hard, breathe

Tongues enter, thoughts exit, clock ticks

Be mine, valentine

We embrace with our mouths like magnets

Take notes on Chemistry

Try dinner and a movie sometime, then dessert

Maybe in another life or body we'd kiss longer

Out the door, back for more, please can I stay

Go home and come back with a heart full of meaning

Drive away smiling, wait awhile, phone rings

Contemplate, confusion and mistaking

You never wanted it, never meant it

Rewind you say

No feelings feel like twenty cold showers

Of water rushing on an open wound

Let's act, pretend it never happened

I'm okay if you're okay, so let's call it even

Simply a tally mark in the memory books,

Just friends in paranthesis

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