Sunrays and PB&J's Are So Ten Years Ago

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When we find childhood bleeding into our adult lives, sometimes it is difficult to encounter people who will help us sort out the messes of the past.

Disclaimer: This a FICTIONAL piece! But, you should always take the time to listen to friends in need.

Submitted: November 27, 2007

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Submitted: November 27, 2007



Is anybody listening?

Can you hear me trying to think out loud

Above the dull roar of the crowded hallway?

I'm desperately trying to win your attention

In order to tell you about my story-

The difficult story with a bad ending.

Please, friend, won't you take a moment to

Help me?

I just need someone to talk to,

To tell me it's going to be okay;

That I won't wake up with nightmares again,

Not like the one last night.

I need someone to rationalize this fear

And dissipate this anxiety

Of things that haunt me in the night.

If you won't listen, maybe someone else will,

Maybe someone like

Mary Jane or Jack Daniels.

Because your ear is about as deaf

As this shot glass I'm holding

And your heart is about as warm

As this joint my fingers house.

Maybe I'll find a guy to lay with in bed

And we can stay up all night

Swapping stories of brokenness

And shattered childhoods.

We'll agree with each other that

There are no more sunrays

Or PB&J's, or other innocent mementos.

All that's left are empty bottles,

Soiled sheets, and a tab run-up with a drug dealer.

Don't think these consequences of mine

Fall solely on my shoulders

Because somewhere in the past

I tried to tell you

And it wasn't my fault you didn't listen.

So don't shake your head at the things I do

And you know that I hear you whispering,

"She used to be so much better,

She really went downhill."

I blame the story that resides in me

Because someone like you

Wouldn't let it out.

Although there's no one to blame but myself

For the handful of pills

Being washed down my throat by Jack.

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