the privately religious

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Submitted: February 03, 2012

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Submitted: February 03, 2012



there is a sentiment amongst the most public of

believers &

even those nonbelievers who still hold some sick

compassion for them…


“privately religious,”

who do not parade around with the charlatans

who gather on sundays or get down on their little rug

& face mecca,

and they are given some kind of

special treatment,

as being more “spiritual” &

possibly even leaning more towards the agnostic than


true believers at all,

still, they hold the little books so tightly in their arms

when they go out in the woods behind their house to

be one with nature or

meditate to try & get to be

one with everything---

they step outside themselves in such a way

as to escape what is right in front of them &

say to all who ask what they believe:


“i believe in something…i mean, i have my own

idea…i don’t go to church or anything”


as if the humans who do go to the worship


think any different?

as if the personal god that is supposed to answer their

prayers is any more in tune with you

just because you don’t call it by the same name or

worship it in the same place.


each member of the privately religious

make themselves more ridiculous than those who get


because they sit alone like fucking joseph smith & his


still believing that there is a unique revelation coming

down the pike

for them & only them.


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