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Trust is a gift.

Submitted: June 18, 2012

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Submitted: June 18, 2012




It’s something so fragile yet it can become strong within time. It takes time for it to be built, but a couple of seconds for it to be broke.  Many people can try and gain your trust, but you should cherish it and use it as a gift. A gift which you only give to people who truly deserve it, don’t throw it away for someone who will bring the walls crashing down.

My trust is hard to gain, but you have gained it. You have held my hand through the biggest and the smallest of things which I’ve been through. You’ve given me the strength to stand up for myself and you made me start to love who I am. I love the real me. You. You’re the reason I can have confidence with myself, you taught me many things; you taught me to be myself because no one could do it better than me.

Our time together may not have been the simplest, but trust grows stronger when you go through more things together. We’ve had problems, issues and hard times but at the end of the day, we manage to pull together. On that cold December month, we had a lot of problems, it was an eventful month but you needed me. Love could wait. You needed a friend and even though we broke up, I promised myself that I would be there. I wanted to be the one to wipe all those tears a way.  You may not have felt the same at that point, but either way, I loved you. I was determined to be that one friend who stuck by your side, secretly hoping that one day you would open those beautiful eyes of yours and realise that you needed me. In the end, I had to stop waiting for that moment because I realised how bad you were. I knew what I had to do. I had to put my feelings aside in order to make you better, make you stronger. This was the moment; I held your hand through it. I did my best. I tried my hardest.

I don’t know if I helped enough. In my eyes, a smile was the only thing I longed for. A smile was a thing I needed to see, a clue to whether things were getting easier for you.

Everything that has happened, I’ve forgiven you because the little things in life don’t matter. Some may say I was foolish, but if they haven’t learnt yet, I don’t care on others opinions. I appreciate them but at the end of the day, it’s my life and I can live it my way. Personally, my life includes you.

That problem is nothing compared to other’s we have faced together.

You have taken the time to learn the real me.

You know my biggest secret, my biggest fear and my biggest weakness.  You know how to make me smile, you know how to make me happy, and you know things which people could only dream of knowing. Since you have known me, you have learnt my characteristics, you’ve learnt the actions I do when I am covering my true feelings, You’ve learnt how to get around my grumpy moods. You’ve learnt me. You’ve earned my trust. You’ve earned my heart.

You’re my best friend, you’ve handled me at my worst and you listen to me when I’m having troubles. You’ve helped me through one of the hardest things I’ve dealt with so far in my life, you’ve kept it to yourself and you have done the impossible. You’ve managed to make me see the brighter aspects of the spiralling tunnel I started falling through a while back. In fact, at this moment in time, I can see a light to the end of this tunnel. I see a happy ending.  

Even when I have no strength, when I can see no hope, when I’m in pain because I’m ill, you’re always there, always by my side holding my hand throughout it all. You look after me, you protect me from danger... I like to think of you as my personal body guard.

You’ve earned my trust.

You earned my trust a long time ago. You were my best friend, even with difficult times; you always found a way of making my day. Over time, I fell for you and ever since that, I’ve fallen deeper. I’m not going to say that we will be together forever because no one could be together forever, I will say that any amount of time with you, I will cherish forever. I will cherish every single second of the time we have together because you happen to be my best friend, the best friend who has won my heart in a number of peculiar ways. I wouldn’t change it.  

Trust is a hard thing to earn, even harder when you have lost it from this person before. If you keep on trying, show them that you should receive the gift of their trust. It takes many different things in order to earn someone’s trust; love, care, devotion. It can be earned. The boy in this article has gained my trust. 

One day, you’ll receive the gift of trust from that one person who you love.


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