Crossed Love (part 1)

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Most of the names have been changed to protect the identity of these people. This story involves friendship, love, and death.

Submitted: April 29, 2015

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Submitted: April 29, 2015



It began as an awful day, filled with tears, lost relationship, and drinks. Kathryn just couldn't hold anything together, just grieving from a lost relationship. She sat outside her friend's taking a long drag from a cigarette and that's when she saw him. Dark Brown hair, Tall, medium built, and so handsome. That was the first time in a long time that she had felt those little butterflies in her stomach. It had been a long time of emotional abuse from the past and just couldn't build up courage to just go talk to him. She would go and smoke constantly, just trying to get another glance towards him. Then slept just to get up early and go and see if he would notice her, he never came out.
After days of finally just giving up on meeting him again, she was at her friends house just drinking, and having a party. she was pretty drunk and walked outside and down the sidewalk, stumbling past his apartment not even thinking. he came out, very dark and handsome lit a cigarette, he scared me just a little more of a surprise. she giggled to herself knowing that saying anything could just ruin her chance. She decided to be quiet and just hum.
 "What do you happen to be doing out here so late," he spoke so quietly but had such a strong voice. "Oh my name is Michael, by the way." she smiled and looked shy just a bit.
 "My name is Kathryn, i'm just a little tipsy, I've been drinking with friends i promise i haven't been driving," she started to giggle as she pointed towards her friend's. "what are you doing out here mister," she spoke softly as not to offend him in anyway. "If you don't mind me asking?"

 "I came, well for of course a cigarette," he chuckled under his breathe with slight sarcasm. "who is this friend of yours?" she looked down as if trying to remember her name, "it's not a close friend is it?" she shook her head no, of course they haven't really been that close of friends. tossing his cigarette he reached towards her and brushed her hand slightly, "well it was nice meeting you Kathryn. I hope i see you soon." He said with a smirk as he walked into his house. She sat there silently with no words at all. He looked back and smiled more.

She walked back to her friend's with a skip in her step. That night all she could think about was his voice. Soft, kind and friendly, he was about all she could talk about. Britt just laughed every time she said his name.
"you seem like you have already fallen for him," Britt spoke just before bursting into a fit of giggles. She went to the kitchen, into the freezer and pulled out jello shots. I looked surprised at first and then started taking shots. "you know he is around 23 years old, and he is really cute," she said smiling, taking more shots.
A burning sensation went through Kathryn's body warming her toes up to the top of her head. She smiled as the alcohol began to set in. a twenty three year old, she thought, well at least he is older and more mature. she started to feel herself drift to sleep as she lounged in the old chair. As she dozed off she could hear Britt laughing in the distance.
When she woke, it was about six in the morning and she was still so exhausted, a pounding headache subsided in the back of her head, pounding away. She tussled her hair into a headband and walked outside to get a morning cigarette. She sat down and started to take some puffs, and then saw Michael pop out of his door. Her stomach fell and she started to feel little flutters in her tummy. He looked towards her friends home and started walking over to her.
She brushed her bangs away and smiled slightly, getting more and more nervous about seeing him. It felt as if it was taking forever just for him to get to the patio. He nodded towards her and kept walking, she felt pain and sad after he had just walked right past her. She felt as if she wasn't good enough for him. She finished her cigarette and walked back inside to start the day.

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