Don't Try And Fool Me

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don't try and fool me, you can't

Submitted: January 02, 2012

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Submitted: January 02, 2012



Don't Try And Fool Me


I'll follow you into the dark path that now leads the way.

Into your world that seeks revenge.

I broke your heart, at least I tried.

To get away from your painful claws.

And now you try to do the same.

Don't think I'll fall for it.

I'm not that dumb as you think I am.

To tell the truth, I'm not that easy to tame.

From wild to calm. From me to what you want.

It will take a long time, to turn me around.

I'm not easy to fool, even if you try.

Maybe I'll pretend, to make you feel all right.

But thats not the way I play.

I think that game belongs to you.

Instead I'll just run away.

I do like the easy way.

The path thats least expected.

The path I never tried before at all.

I'll try it now, I know who I am.

I'm the one who's smart and had enough.

You're the one that pays no attention at all.

You think you have me, but you're all wrong.

Don't try to do something foolish, something way out of hand.

Because I'll catch you just the same.

And then you'll regret it forever, you will.

So, don't try and fool me.




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